200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.

New member here. Lured out of lurker by mustardcheeseburger's giveaway.
It was getting to be time....

Started with a wickie as a youth in my single digits (?)/ probably. It mysteriously disappeared. A kid with kero thing perhaps...

Pre-teens I asked my stepdad what the lantern was for on an I-beam in the garage.
He said if I could fix it I could have it.
A 200A that received enough Vaseline on the pump leather to reward me with a dirty squirt of it for years after whenever it was pumped.

That lantern kept me out on the ice fishing. Days and nights.
Went sucker spearing in springtime rituals.
Illuminated tent deer camps , including my Coleman tent bought as a teen when having a "real" job/paper check. A two burner stove was bought at the same time and stands ready still.
A kit that has been from Canada to Florida and some points in between.

First home I bought Coleman stuff did duty for 2-3 months before getting an electric stove,refrigerator ect. 
Lost the two Coleman colors in a divorce. But that well traveled 200A remains in my possession for sure....

Inherited a couple of Dads lanterns. A 200A I didn't know he had that took a bit to get running. It's a hot one.
The other is a 242? Forgot already , but it's next to try to revive.
I thought he had a 220 that was my introduction to night ice fishing in second grade....At least memory hints of a double mantle . Maybe I'm wrong , or it just has not turned up yet.
His stove needs a good cleaning before giving it more attention. A model not unlike my own it seems.

I've other 200A's. Need to order some parts here soon, after getting a list together. Cannibalizing to get a newly homed one running is not productive for the poor donor , and the last parts lantern ended up running too good after some cleaning and corrections ...
Took the fatal plunge and nabbed a 228 and 220 and a reflector for the 220. Price was right each time and curious about running one. Though single mantles suit me fine.
Would not surprise me if a member here did not turn down the 228 and the 200 it was with.
Someone did. My guess was they wanted something in the minty fresh range , or certain dates.(?)

2 Coleman heat plants are in the shed. Nasty tarry founts , and one is missing the harder of the two knobs to find. Should get one worker out of the two at least...

Bought a newer two burner stove lightly used and highly abused last year. Could swear someone cooked burgers directly on the grate.
It could use paint after cleaning. But it sure runs great. A surprise after seeing the mess it was in.

So that's kinda where I'm from on Coleman stuff. No outstanding collection , but prized in my own way for what each is. Memories of people and places long ago still come around when firing up the right stove ,or lantern; if I'm not to busy to notice..

I'm here for more than a contest ,(but thanks for the contest).

Stay well as ya'll can. If you can still pump up a G.P.A. , that's a good thing.

Purty colors. Well , cept'n maybe that brown when it's on fire...
Welcome from California! Good to have you here, family lanterns are the best! 
Build shelves while you can.
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Welcome aboard, from Western Massachusetts! Your GPA persistence is worthy.

Show 'em off!

— L.J.
Looking for 10/2015 & 1/2020 B-Day Lanterns
I love the smell of naphtha in the morning!
"Ain’t no need to watch where I’m goin’; just need to know where I’ve been" -Tow Mater

Trying to get pictures to load into computer from camera....It does not want to like in the past. (Really , I took some pics!).
Got one into a file. File to large message. Tried to downsize it with Windows..Grrr.
Well , shrunk it alright...Sigh.
Dads 200A. Most recent lantern worked on.
Burned knob. Globe was replaced. Generator was outside of airtube. A curious condition indeed.
It has his name on the bottom of the fount. A silklite mantle package held there with a lid off a small tub of Crisco.

Purty colors. Well , cept'n maybe that brown when it's on fire...
Glad you joined the forum and welcome from NC! I still wonder why some folks seem to think they’re grills and not a stove. 

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Sounds like you belong here! Welcome from Hawaii 😎.
Welcome from Colorado!  It is very nice that you have some items from your Dad along with good memories using them years ago.  
Welcome from NE Indiana!
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[welcome]from Pennsylvania!  Sounds as if you're off and running.  The more time you spend here, the more GPAs you will acquire.
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Here's another NC welcome.  Great to have you here among friends.  Thanks for sharing your GPA lineage.
- Courtenay
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Welcome to the Club from Rockytop!
Welcome from the Canadian prairies
Searching for a 8 72 lantern and/or 2 68.....
Welcome from Southern Arizona 
I love your name that could describe quite a few of us here!
My wife said that to me and being 10 years younger than I am she got a cheap laugh at my expense. 
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Lanterns are like tools. 
You can not have too many unless your wife says so!!

Gas is what you use for washing parts diesel is for making power!

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Welcome from Virginia. You definitely have some good stuff and even better that some of it is Family stuff with good memories. I wish so bad I new were my Dad’s 413g and 220f wondered off too. 
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Welcome from Ohio. You are collecting lanterns. That’s what counts. Especially the ones from family. Post some lantern porn when you can. We all enjoy seeing others collections. 
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Welcome to the madness from North Central Indiana. It seems like you have a good collection of not only lanterns and stoves, but family memories as well.

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