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Have you ever tried to reference a part of Carl Tucker and Herb Ebendorf's Coleman Collectors Guide? It can be a time consuming and frustrating endeavor. Carl was under pressure to get the book to the publisher and didn't get the time to include page numbers in it.

Some folks have sat down and numbered their books while others have not. This part of the website is offered as a suggested means in numbering your book. If we use this numbering system, sent in by ICCC member Neil McRae, then we can all be on the "same sheet of music."

So, open your Collectors Guide so you can see Mr. Coleman admiring his Arc Lamp. On the right-side page where it starts with "Acknowledgements," number it "1" and get busy. Number the colored pages also. As markers, the page illustrating the 238B and the 249 is page 172, while the last page, showing the drawings of founts and baffle plates, should be 219.

Thanks Neil!

#1 in the 223B club
Gatlinburg, TN

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