200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.

I posted this on another group, but wanted to stop by and post here as well, since this forum is where I found the information I needed to diagnose and repair my 200A.

I bought this from another collector and I knew that it needed some work.  When I went to light it up, it was a little bit of a fireball because it was getting too much fuel and not enough air.  

After some further trial and error, I realized that the connection between the utube and the air tube and rest of the burner assembly was not snug.  Also, there was a lot of rust, maybe from someone having issues with it in the past?

Either way, I tore everything down and soaked all of the rusty pieces in vinegar for a few hours.  I rinsed and then lightly rubbed with steel wool.  I think everything turned out great and a lot better than what I had expected.

I wish I would have taken more “before” pictures, but I am satisfied with the outcome!  I put on a new Peerless mantle, fired it up, and it works great!  Oddly enough I just finished a deck project at my house and it passed inspection today, so I’ll bring this 200A outside later once it gets dark.

Thank you to this forum for being a great group (I read a lot but don’t usually interact as much) and for being a great source of information.

This lantern will go into my camping rotation.

Great job and a great looking lantern!
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congrats on the deck , now ya got a place to use the lantern :-)
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Thanks everyone!  Yup, exactly. I’ll be using it on the new deck tonight!  (And on some camping trips!)
That is a nice 200! Nice clean up. I have a couple but not a green one. Being a carpenter myself, good job on passing inspection 👍🏻. 
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Sweet clean up! The vinegar sure did the trick. That’s a very nice looking piece to have in your collection.

— L.J.
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