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It is time to start planning to attend the 11th Annual Fall Great Lakes Camp Out. It will again be held at Gordon’s Campground which is located eight miles north of Kendallville, Indiana. Their address is 9500 E. 600 S. Wolcottville, IN 46795 and their phone is 260-351-3383.
The camp out will officially begin Friday September 20 and end Sunday September 22, but many will show up Thursday. Come enjoy the fellowship and the opportunity to buy and sell interesting gas pressure appliances. Bring lamps, lanterns, stoves, heaters, and irons and parts to display, sell and/or trade. All collectors, regardless of where they reside, are invited to this gathering. Attendees do not have to be members of the ICCC.

The fee for camping is $18 per night, same deal as the last few years. (Normal fee is $27). Your $18 buys you the right to set up one tent or RV.  You can also put up an easy up or screen tent.  They will hold the Sassafras and Tulip Tree areas under the name Coleman.  Normally, they don’t operate using reservations, but please call ahead and make a reservation as many of the perks they offer us are based on the number of reservations they have for our group.  When you call mention the group reservation and make sure you mention the deal. If you don’t make a reservation, you won’t get the deal. Lacy is our contact person at Gordons. 
For those who are not interested in bringing camping equipment, Gordon’s does have rental campers and cabins.  The rentals are in the front area of the campground, and they would offer 10% off the regular rate to our group and also 10% off on the golf cart rentals.  There are several hotels nearby including a Holiday Inn Express, Best Western, and a Super 8. There will be a $2 per day charge for a visitor pass for those not staying at Gordons. 

When you post that you are going to attend, please let us know the day and time you are planning to arrive and how many will be camping in your tent or RV.

Looking forward to seeing you at Gordon’s.  

Jon Shearer

Jon ICCC# 918
If your planning an intervention bring Coleman fuel
Jane & I will be there on Wednesday till Sunday.
Because I am Dave that's why!
Coleman 275 Appreciation Syndicate # 0127
I will be planning on coming Thursday midday by myself, then my dad and also my daughter will come out friday afternoon, he will stay till sunday and my daughter will either stay 1 or 2 nights. Wife and other daughter will come saturday for the day
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Looking for 02/19, 03/15, 06/90 birthday lanterns
Judy and I will be there about Wednesday and leave Sunday.
Mike Wells
E Bay user name whitegas5152
ICCC # 1038
John and Marge Hoyt will be attending and reservations made for Thur, Fri, and Sat. nights.  We'll in a Scotty camper.
I will arrive Friday morning and depart Sunday morning. I will be by myself, is there a theme lantern this year?
ICCC # 1402
My wife and I will be there Thursday afternoon thru Sunday morning.
ICCC # 1377
Looking for lanterns with dates 5/55, 7/56, 3/80
Coleman 275 Appreciation Syndicate Member #0102
MilSpecOps Member # 011
My wife and I will be there Friday mid day thru Sunday morning.

MilSpecOps #5150

ICCC #1561

This years light up will be in honor of Jerry Engbring. Please bring any thing that you purchased or was gifted by Jerry.
Jon ICCC# 918
If your planning an intervention bring Coleman fuel
If you don't have anything purchased from or gifted by Jerry, a lantern that was made close to his birthday - July 1937 would also be appropriate.  

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Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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Wokakije wan bluha
My family will be there again this year. We'll come in Friday afternoon and leave Sunday. 
My wife and I are planning on coming up Friday afternoon and leaving Sunday. 
Mil-Spec Ops #199
275 Appreciation Syndicate #1970
ICCC #1741
Got my reservation made to come down Thursday late morning and head home Sunday. Will be me and my girlfriend in our trailer. 
Zachary E.
Delphos, OH
Looking For Anything 6-90
ICCC Member: 1760
Turd Appreciator #0219
I gotta remember to fill out the appropriate vacation slip.  I plan to go.
Ryan. El Toro Bravo. The Bull. El Mysterioso. Aye que delicioso.
ICCC# 1046
275 Appreciation Syndicate Mob Member #0044
Don't take life too seriously, it's not like you're getting out alive.
I'll be arriving on the Wednesday and leaving on the Sunday. Just me and the pop-up. Still have to make the reservation...
Phil Rhoades ICCC# 1125
The Coleman Blue's 243's. #035

"I'm a man, but I can Change, if I have to, I guess." - Red Green
I will be arriving Thursday afternoon thru Sunday. Wife and daughter will be out Friday after work.
andrew maschino
I will be arriving Friday morning, my son will be arriving Friday evening till Sunday. 
I’m planning to come out on Wednesday evening and stay through Sunday.  I’ll be tenting.  Bob and Denise Boyd may be coming as well—requiring a separate tent site (hopefully adjacent).  Their presence is tentative, depending on the impending birth of their next grandchild.
Bill Sheehy, aka Merlotrin P.M.      ICCC #1390      eBay handle: wtspe
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Looking for birthday lanterns dated 4/33, 9/33 & 7/86

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