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My love for all things Coleman stemmed from my love of camping. Now for the past year I’ve been so consumed with lantern hunting and fettling that I haven’t done any camping. So last week I decided to take my 2 young boys before they went back to school for a couple of days. We all had a great time, and as a bonus got to actually use one of my 502’s for cooking and I loved it. It pulled breakfast and coffee duty both mornings. Took along a user 200A and it was by far the brightest light in the campground, a red metal Coleman cooler and Coleman Camp Kitchen. Here’s a few pics, my 4 year old wanted a pic of his little Coleman battery lantern next to mine, made me proud.
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Good times! Nice set up 🙂

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Nice looking rig, happy family, and beautiful campsite. (That 502 stove would look better with a retro camping percolator pot sitting on top.) ðŸ™‚
Thanks guys I couldn’t agree more. The wife likes the one pictured and I don’t drink coffee so I got ther the one she wanted. I still might grab an old perculator though!
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Well done.
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Put Coleman in with camping and good times / memories are destined to be made! I like your setup, its pretty nice. 
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Great looking rig and good time, no doubt. 

Many don't bother with the cargo carrier and the awing - both make life better when camping IMO. 
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Oh yeah the awning is a lifesaver. Shade wherever you are and shelter during a rain! 

The cargo carrier, well with the wife and 2 young kids it’s not an option LOL
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Looks like a good time.  Where'd you go?  Also, always wondered, what do you do with the tent if you need to drive somewhere?
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Sweet camp!  Love the shot of the 200A with the LED as old meets new.  🙂
Thanks for sharing!
ecblanks wrote:
Looks like a good time.  Where'd you go?  Also, always wondered, what do you do with the tent if you need to drive somewhere?

That was on the James River close to Natural Bridge VA.

I’ve been into off roading Toyota Landcruiser’s for almost 20 years. I bought the rooftop tent a couple of years ago with plans of doing some trips out west and Alaska for trail riding and off the beaten path, where you wouldn’t want to pull a camper type camping when my 2 boys get older. We’ll see if those trips happen LOL. If they don’t soon and we continue the typical campground camping I’m definitely going to be looking for a pop up as if I need to leave the camp I have to take it all down. It does setup and go down pretty easy though.
 The rooftop tent does save a ton of cargo room inside the vehicle. Which is nice because the 80 series is not super roomy. I also have a Engel fridge/freezer mounted on a slide in the back that does eat up a good amount of space but not ever worrying about ice is fantastic.
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