200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.

the inner diameter is to thick to fit over the lip in the top part of the upper portion of the lantern. i had 2 made and if a return is not possible would any one want them. they are the same size as a 220 globe but thicker on the inside diameter and taller. if there is a way to reduce the inner diameter i am all ears. for any who do not know i am not picture capable so i am posting here but the mods can move this to classifieds if they have to, my low tech always nips me in the but. i payed 120.00 for both and will sell both for 100.00 or each for 50.00. my stupid mistake for not giving the inner measurements when i ordered them.
How much would have to be removed? A diamond  bit on a dremel and a steady hand may be able to enlarge it enough. Or even safer a diamond file, you could wet it to lubricate it cutting down on dust. They sell a cheap set at harbor freight I use to clean up glaze drips. I have never seen one of these in person, so I don't know how it goes together. But if it's only a lip, and the glass is only a little too thick seems like it could be modified. You may also look for a glass studio in your area, they would have wet polishers and do cleanup on a daily basis.

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Where did you order them?
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thanks for the advice.  i ordered them from great glass in wilmington, delaware.  i left a message but have not heard back from them yet.
Did you give them the specs for the globes or send them a live one as a template?  If you speced the globes and they aren't usable, that sounds like a refundable problem.
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