200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.

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How do you think the turd will run on the “lamp oil” that comes with it?


- Steve 
Partial to single mantles & backpacking stoves (liquid fuel, of course!)
Like a real flaming turd of course. 😂🤣😂
I got a 288 that was advertised as "doesn't work $5" on the local classifieds. I meet them and it's practically new. Get it home and it was full of lamp oil. I poured out the lamp oil, tied on a new mantle after squirt testing the generator and it runs great. I gave it to my daughter's boyfriend and also gave him the Coleman bug!
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 I don’t get it. Most of the lanterns I see say “use Coleman Fuel” or “Gasoline” right on them. Guess people don’t like to read😵
Partial to single mantles & backpacking stoves (liquid fuel, of course!)
Or don't know how to read
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Lanterns are like tools. 
You can not have too many unless your wife says so!!

Gas is what you use for washing parts diesel is for making power!

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You got lucky there. See my local OfferUp ad
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I picked up a red 220e a couple of years ago for cheap. I popped the cap and it stunk of lamp oil.

I know some people who try to run them on lamp oil thinking it's safer not realizing they're designed for gas.
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I think there's 3 or more 220, 228, etc. locally and call them "kerosene" lanterns in the ads. Maybe that's why they're selling them????
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