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I bought a plastic turkey baster from WalMart to siphon fuel out when I can't flip them over, for refilling from a 2-gallon glass jar I have oddball fuels in, and other times when just dumping the fuel out isn't practical or safe.  Problem is, the plastic baster only lasts a couple times before the plastic cracks and becomes brittle, probably not rated for fuel use.

So....GLASS turkey baster!  But is there one I should look for that would be safe for fuel, I don't want to get another one and the rubber bell on the end also dies from fuel exposure.  [frown]  Any recommendations?
Mike, maddawg308
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Looking for my B'day lantern, any model, 5-74.

The whitish plastic ones should be fine too. They're polyethylene, which is pretty fuel-resistant.

The bulb is the weak part. Most seem to be made from a natural rubber, which is very not fuel-resistant.

I much prefer the single-hole stopper and tube idea. Use the pump on the lantern/stove to push the fuel out.
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Gunhippie wrote:

I much prefer the single-hole stopper and tube idea. Use the pump on the lantern/stove to push the fuel out.


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Bed, Bath, and Beyond have stainless steel basters, we use them to suck hot grease out of the bacon griddle when we are cooking pounds at a time and need some liquid removed.
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I kinda like the sound of the single hole stopper with the hose idea seems like that would be the cheapest and easiest way to go right there. I might have to try that
Zachary E.
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warren wrote:


+2 . Works great. 
Just trying to thread something together or lite something on fire.    KW 
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The fuel drain as Warren mentions is the best IF you have a GPA that has it's own pump.  For the Quicklite or such in your life, I prefer this, an oil suction pump.


much faster than a turkey baster and you can suck out crap from the fount.  Any auto parts store will  have one, look around the gear oil.
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