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Ok, please tell a newbie how to clean a generator?
Helps to know for what (stove or lantern model?), but usually you would remove the pricker and unscrew the tip (if removeable).  Soak the parts in solvent or acid.  Polish with steel wool.

What are you looking to do and for what type of GPA?
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It’s for two of my kerosene lanterns, I don’t think that I preheated them correctly. Not sure what a GPA is?
Same instructions(above) for kerosene. I also use extra rigid bristle pipe cleaners with solvent to clean inside the generator tube. GPA = gas pressure appliance. Here a link for a glossary of terms:
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Smudge wrote:
GPA = gas pressure appliance.

That is, gas meaning gasoline and not propane or butane.

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