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What is your method for cleaning your globes?  Windex?  Vinegar?  Anyone try simichrome (I would fear it would remove the printing)?  Hot water and dawn?

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Windex is what I use. Don't use steel wool, it creates a surface tension and can cause the globe to crack. Soap, warm water, Windex simple green, just handle carefully.
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Don't use Lime-A-Way unless you want to remove all markings.  I usually use Windex and newspaper.  For stains I gently apply some Barkeepers Friend with a Q-Tip. 
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I’ve been washing mine in the sink with a sponge, warm water & dish soap. Dry with a microfiber cloth and handle with care. Looks crystal clear when they are burning and good as new.
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I think I have around 200 lanterns and the first thing I do when I get one Is clean the globe if it needs it. I’ve always used Gojo hand cleaner to clean them and the vents. It has a little pumice in it so it works wonders on stains but won’t scratch the glass. I’ve never had it remove any markings but I’ll admit I go very easy around any markings.  9B14C4DC-DA43-456C-B489-E950239C387B.jpeg  CF715D82-8D7F-4552-8693-1C4BD3100B40.jpeg52866A64-8E59-4390-AF7E-9E3B78BF5654.jpeg  D9AD2E7F-C9BB-4CC1-ADE9-AD97C26CCB98.jpeg  14F8C9F6-84A5-4BF2-A067-FA17E60D16A6.jpeg 
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+1 on the hand cleaner. Does a great job on the soot on the under side of vents also. Rinse off with hot water, dry immediately and they’re sparkling.  I’m currently using Gojo and it works good, but before that I was using Fast Orange and liked it better because it rinsed off easier. Most importantly, be careful with the globes, they can break doncha know. 
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No drastic temperature changes (extreme hot or cold) for a room temperature globe. I've always used degreaser and cleaned them by hand over something soft incase I dropped one. Some of these globes are pushing the 90 year old mark, once there gone, there gone
Toby Garner
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I’ve dropped one and it was a doozy!! 5D32F0CE-F494-47C9-8A1A-51232F764F6E.jpeg
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I always used liquid Barkeepers Friend and just was careful around the logos.  Worked great.  I stopped because I began to read that abrasive cleaning techniques can cause the piers to fail.  Does anyone know for sure if barkeepers friend is safe?  I still use it on vents.  Steel wool on nothing but burners and frames for me.
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Hot tap water, Dawn, and paper towel. 

If I need to get rough with one I used a Scotch Brite generic scrubber. No steel wool or grit cleaners. No issues I can trace back to either approaches. 
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On the toughest globe I had to clean, I tried soap and water, 1:1 Simple Green, overnight soak in vinegar - nothing seemed to work.  Tried Weiman Glass Cook Top cleaner.  Worked like a charm.  I stayed away, however, from the logo.  Bar Keepers Friend also makes a glass cooktop cleaner.  I haven't tried it yet, but I will soon.
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Denatured alcohol diluted in water after a dawn and warm water bath.
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Just delivered was probably my most prized globe. I cleaned it and the vent. I didn’t  do a perfect job cleaning the globe but I definitely won’t be cleaning it again. I probably wouldn’t live through that again lol. The vent is basically perfect.  0A69CAF9-CB78-4A5C-942C-13C807D71D79.jpeg  41DB2C68-753B-41DB-88B3-A9B440CBBE95.jpeg 
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Warm water and Dawn.  No abrasives.  I have used oven cleaner in small amounts on soot (avoid getting it on any markings), but from reading here, it seems that Go-Jo would be a better alternative.  
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All I use is sprayaway glass clear or windex and microfiber cloth 
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I, like others, use Dawn. Warm--not hot at all--water and a white ScotchBrite pad--no abrasive. I've had one globe crack when immersed in hot water, maybe 140F, so I don't do that anymore.

For stubborn rust stains, I'll let a globe soak over night in phos acid, about 10% solution at room temp. Works wonders. DO NOT use acids on vents--they will fog the porcelain! I learned this the hard way and now have a 228B with flat green vent.

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dawn,cool tap water,my hands,paper towels and my utility tub.
I also use Dawn dish soap. I use my rough for get tips for most anything on a globe. I have used a worn out scotch Brite pad, but I had 2 crack the next day after washing, while sitting on a shelf. No more of that for me.
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     Y’all are to sophisticated. Spit and an old rag works like a charm.
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I’ve used Barkeepers and never had a globe crack. But I think i will avoid it in the future.

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Oven cleaner.
I use a paint brush, rags and organic solvents such as paint thinners, acetone, alcohol, etc for the initial grime removal. I avoid these on any with logos or markings that are printed on instead of etched. I use liquid dishwash detergents and water rinse following that.
Previously I used janitorial aqeous ammonia with great results but couldn't find them anymore.
I've had glass globes and my heart cracking, shattering and breaking after I used the following stuffs/methods:-
1. Strong acids or any products containing them. Eg: Sulfuric acid-based drain cleaners, Phosphoric acid, Ospho, Naval Jelly, etc.
2. Strong caustics/alkalis. Eg: caustic soda, sodium metasilicate, alkaline degreasers, Rooto or Drano Drain cleaners, Red Devil TSP Substitute Hard surface cleaner.
3. Abrasive scouring pads in combination with vigorous scrubbing or anything that could produce micro-scratches on the glass.

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