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only got to like 85 degrees today , was 113 over the weekend . im not complaining at all LOL
[DrSteve2]    Steve , Keeper of the Light !!!
28 this AM, high of 67. Kinda nice. I can light a lantern or two tonight!
It's priceless until someone puts a price on it.
Walk a mile in a man's shoes before you criticize him--then you're a mile away, and he has no shoes.
Texan's last words: "Y'all--hold my beer--I wanta' try sumptin'."
Timm--Middle of nowhere, near the end of the road, Oregon.
Better put an extra blanket on the bed tonight Steve!  Here in central Missouri we had some rain accompanying a cold front and the temperature plunged about fifteen degrees in no time.
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I just switched from the winter to summer blankets a month ago. I’ll be back to winter blankets next week! Yes I’m serious.
I frighten easily!

My current shade is Coleman!!

To me a lamp without a shade is creepy!

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steve p
Be glad you don't live in the Black Hills.  Crazy weather  out there.

 We,re chained to the world and we all gotta pull.
                                                                 Tom Waits
I had a high of 90 yesterday with a lot of smoke from the CA fires. Over night, the wind shifted from the south to the north and blew out the smoke and dropped the temp like crazy. It was a high of 50 today and cloudy. Snow in the mountains at 10000 feet in SW Utah. Going down to 32 tonight at the house. It will be back in the 80's by the weekend. 
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A quote from The Cowboys “Well, summer’s over”. 
not looking for any more Bday gpas. Honestly, if you have a 10-72 don’t let me know about it.
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Stop by my house. We can freeze it back on.
Everyone likes the dog catcher...until they catch your dog.
Yup it was kinda pleasant today, Steve. Except for the hazy sky.

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how long does one have to be dead before it’s considered archeology  and not grave robbery?

Dress in layers, Steve! 😄
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Did any of your other prepositions get so cold, Steve?
- Courtenay
Be Prepared
It's always amazing how cool 80 feels after a string of 110+ days!
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