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I keep a coleman camp stove on my patio hooked up ready to cook at all times. I cook outside several times a week. Last week I hit on something that was simply delicious and I thought I would share the recipe. We have always used cabbage in our meals several times a week. Cole slaw, fried, corn beef and cabbage and cabbage soup. We are trying to cut back on eating so many potatoes is what lead to this recipe. I cut my cabbage into a course chop, I peeled my turnips and cut them into wheels about 1/4" thick. In a large skillet under medium heat add about 1/4 stick of butter and just enough water to keep the cabbage from scorching ( once the cabbage starts to cook it makes some juice). Add your cabbage and turnips and cook until both are tender stirring from time to time until done. Salt and pepper to taste. I think you will enjoy this and it would be great for camping.             Poppa          
Sounds great. When I was a kid I never really like turnips or cabbage. Now I love them both. It's nice to have new ideas on ways to prepare them. Thanks for sharing.

Sounds good.

I may have to give it a try.I like fried cabbage and roasted turnip.
A cheap , easy and tasty addition to make a great meal.


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