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I post on a bulletin board looking for lanterns and stoves. Get a hit or two every so often. This morning I get a ring and he says...

"You the guy looking for Coleman lanterns?"

I say..."Yup...that would be me."

Him..."Well I got three here if you are interested?"

I say..."Ahhh how about tomorrow sometime? I was figuring on doing some lawn mowing today. How does that work for you?"

He says..."That would work."

I ask..."Any idea what model # the lanterns are? It should be on the collar."

Him..."I'd have to go look but one I know was already old when I got it about 1975 and the other one is a red one and the last one says CPR on it." 

Me..."Ahhh how about right now can I come over?" 🙂


Well...he did say it was a CPR. Not quite the CPR I was thinking of but no complaints. It's another etched globe CPR switchman's lantern and it's an etched globe that is different than on my other one so it had to join my CPR lineup. Also marked 4 57 on the bottom and I'm not quite sure what that would be but if it is indeed April 1957 it would be another birthday lantern for me albeit a wickie, but who cares???

The other two lanterns are a nice 242B and a red 200. He was probably 10-15 years older than me and  actually got my phone number off of the bulletin board in December but he told me he wanted to make sure they were all in good working order before he phoned me. He has lived in the area his whole life just like me so was kind of cool to talk to another "old timer." He told me that he had built the wooden boxes for the lanterns and how when he did it he had measured the 200 for the height and built the boxes thinking both lanterns were the same only to discover the 242 was a tad higher so instead of making another box he just drilled a hole in the lid for the vent nut. I thought that was kind of funny.  lol

Regardless it was a good time and dang it he really did make sure they were working good!  Came home and they were all fueled up and ready to go. Kind of took some of the fettling fun out of it but I did get to strike a few matches. The CPR goes on a shelf with the others and the other two will probably go into my user camping line up.  Not bad for a Friday morning. 



Yep, the grass will wait! Good scores.
No honey its not another lamp,just parts for one I already have. ICCC #1479
Wow, talk about a score!

Grass?  What grass?


Flammable liquids, open flame, what could go wrong?

There is a very fine line between hobby and mental illness. - Dave Barry
Alex next time you come cut my grass I’ll do the lantering
Haha that's an awesome story! I didn't think people still look at bulletin board ads in the modern day but just goes to show there is hope out there. The switchman's lanterns is a cool find too

Coleman Quick Lite Crew #048

 Anyone have a 6/95 birthday lantern?
I like that CPR! Good scores and nice story ðŸ‘
Toby Garner
ICCC #1939
Bumpkin 95
Very nice lanterns. And it’s always fun when you hit it off with the seller. Makes for good times 
  • Lee
  • Milspec Syndicate member #1995
  • Like a lantern just hanging out
  • ICCC member #1927
Alex, remember the golden rule,
"A wise man never plants more grass than his wife can mow"
looking for 200a 11-56,9-77,2-65 Coleman 275 appreciation syndicate member #0004 ICCC #1262
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Nice finds, Alex, some nice stuff there.  I'm also glad to know Linda did not end up doing your mowing...😛
ICCC #1012
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Nice scores, Alex.  Glad that your persistence paid off.
- Courtenay
Be Prepared
Nice score Alex!
ICCC # 1402
Gasman64 wrote:
Nice finds, Alex, some nice stuff there.  I'm also glad to know Linda did not end up doing your mowing...😛

Let it be known that FireStarter (Linda) does NOT mow my lawn. As a matter of fact she does NOT even mow the lawn at her place. 
*hangs head*   Yeah...you got it....I mow it! She is such a small runt that it was painful for me to watch her mow her lawn. I took over that job out of pity. I'm nice that way. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  lol

Yore such a marter Mr Alexxx lol
It's always nice to and a few extra eyes out there looking for you.
Don't worry, I'm sure a CPR will come soon enough.
WTB or trade for poultry or USFS.
Good score with the boxes.
Duane-All seasons, year round backpacker and camper.  So many stoves and lanterns, who's counting.

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