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Hate seeing something not being used.  Trying to find parts for this lonely "A" fount, finally admitted a cracked turban fount may not be a ideal project, so stripped a Air O Lite lamp for its parts, riser, base plate and plug for the "A" and handle bits for a AA that was missing those parts.  Won a Lot from the recent auction in Kansas that has been a life saver, money saver and lamp saver, getting many lamps that I also won, back online as that parts Lot had a ton of old burners, most with gennys.  Plus, the savings from not having to buy so many gennys.  Still have a AGM fount to get a plug for, but thinking it may be a rare Coleman "R" or "H" fount, but it may have the nickel stripped, making it seem more like a AGM.
Went crazy today trying to piece this together, then having to rethink what my conclusion was.  Then looked at other lamps I have yet to fettle, saw what part or burner I needed and got lucky, exactly what I needed to make the "A" into a frankenlantern, a burner that could screw onto a riser.
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That looks like a functional solution for now, and historically correct from my observations.  Both my big D fount lamps arrived sporting valves at top and bottom with late model burners when the were updated along the way.  With a valve cover and handle, that'll just be needing a shade.

Your solution seems more sane than mine, but if you have a torch lighting generator and tip it's not really that involved.  I just wanted to have a functional burner to go with the orphan generator.  If you go this route be extremely aware of the air tube length and don't let it smack a shade.
I somehow guessed at just the right length when I cut that tube.

Oh, here's a thought while you're mixing and matching parts.  Take a look at the generator on a suitcase stove and compare it to the torch lighting lamp generator.  Potential future tubing parts source, and genuine Coleman. ðŸ˜Ž
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I have a Air O Lite fount for you when I get time to box it up.
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