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From another recent thread the subject of a Franken Lantern came up with a mini propane burner cage so I thought I would start a new thread here to solve a challenge to finishing the idea.

Here are some pics of what it looks like.

The two horizontal slots in the vertical riser between the valve and burner cage are where air is drawn in and the top of the jet rests just at the level of the air intake slots.

The riser between the valve and burner cage does not want to come off. It appears solid.

It's pot metal.

My initial thinking was to mount the burner frame onto a 200a size fount utilizing the F/A tube and valve of the 200a.

As any other quick lite the lantern would start with the gas vapor in the top of the fount as it heats up the heat would transfere through the brass valve into the fount. or so.... maybe maybe not.

The overall lantern would be more compact lighter weight and run on camp fuel as apposed to propane.

Given the small size of the mantle it might run for an extended period of time. The light from this mantle is so bright it needs a shade!

Any thoughts, comments or ideas regarding how to mount this miniature burner cage and mantle system to an existing gasoline fount?

And get it hot enough to work!

I am at a stall at this point. I need some others thoughts to move this forward.

Stephen - Florida
No real ideas for what you are doing. Could just get a 226 or 229 lantern frame and put it on a larger fount if you want longer burning but compact light. 
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#2 on the 226/229-200A franky.. the propane conversion woould not work unless you can make a special genny that loops past the mantle to heat up the fuel and vaporize it. and then your talking a genny with at least 7 bends in it...
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Frankie or not, that's a cool looking lantern.
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Also agree that it will not work. You are not going to get enough heat to vaporize the fuel the way you are thinking.  As Phil said, you will need a crazy type of generator. You also have to be careful with these. I had one get hot enough burning propane that the plastic and valve housing caught fire and burned up. It was a fireball. The valve/regulator housing is not pot metal. It is aluminum. 

Do a search. Someone did a Frankie with a 222/226/229 style burner on a larger fount for a longer run time. 
Dan ICCC #900
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Thanks for the insight and experience.

I think you just saved me not only time but possibly a real catastrophy.

Stephen - Florida

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