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does anyone sell the aluminum vice you see people using for lantern disassembley.if so can post info on who or where it would be greatly appreciated.  Thank
I've never even seen one, so I can't answer your question on a fount vice.  However, I will say that a Craftsman strap wrench I picked up at a yard sale has proven priceless to me time and time again.


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Looks like the guys out of them at the moment. But if you look through the pictures on this link you'll see the one I've always seen used.


I have no personal experience with them, I've always removed valve assemblies clamped in a vise upside down by hand, with one exception where I used a strap wrench like Jim mentioned.
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If you do a search on this site for 'fount clamp' or 'fount vice' you'll get hits for various designs from simple and crude to totally elegant.
I use my bench vise on the valve and if I can't muscle the fount directly, use the strap wrench Jim mentioned.
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I got one made by Ernie Hiatt that I bought from Jerry Engbring. It is invaluable, you can put the valve in a vise or use a strap wrench but nothing is as convenient as a well made fount vise. 
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Are these high dollar items. Look handy.
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If you can find one made by Coleman or Ernie Hiatt, dig out your wallet and just hand it over. They aren't easy to find or cheap by any means.

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