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For the past three weekends my wife and I have driven out to visit some of the small country towns located in the rural surrounding areas where we live. Naturally we visited the second hand and antique stores in those towns looking for anything GPA related. Here are a few nice items we were able to acquire.
It is a beautiful scenic area to drive through. Very lush and green, not a cloud in the bright blue sky and a very pleasant 20C max in what is nearing the end of our winter.

Left to right in the pics below my finds are,.. an Evening Star Lantern model # R92076, a Coleman Air-O-Lantern QL, an Australian Coleman Speckled Blue # 4A Iron, and a AGM model # 15 JiffyKook single burner stove. All in reasonable condition, but the AGM stove is in excellent condition and had some paperwork with it.

rsz_img_2712_2.jpg  rsz_120200820_112343_9.jpg 
Here are some individual close up pics of the items.
rsz_img_2739_2.jpg  rsz_img_2728_2.jpg  JiffyKook Stove..jpg 
Here is a pic of the Evening Star emblem embossed on the side of the lantern fount.
The AGM JiffyKook stove came with some paperwork,.. namely the model # 15 Operating Instructions, and a typed sheet of some troubleshooting instructions, both enclosed inside an original  AGM envelope, which was supplied with the stove. It's interesting it was still attached to the stove.

rsz_img_20200812_125109472.jpg  rsz_img_2615.jpg 

It was very pleasing to have found these four nice items, all different, and quality items, in the area in which I live.
The Evening Star lantern was made in the period 1922 to 1925 in England by Curtis's and Harvey. They are hard to find, as this company made only a few lantern models, but many lamps like Table, Wall, Pendent, Chandelier Lamps and even a Billiard Chandelier lamp.
These lanterns came with some Akron parts, like the burner assembly, and an Akron "S" type generator, as this one also has.

This Aussie made Speckled Blue # 4A  iron is the first one I have come across in the last 10 years of searching. They are now very hard to find in my area. It's missing it's trivet and has some some rust on the steel part but the bottom is good.

The AGM # 15 stove is all steel, cast iron and very heavy. Certainly not a backpacking stove unless you have a back like a mule. This one has the rectangular cast burner, some models had the round burner.

I passed on a nice Tilley guardsman lantern which was in excellent condition, but too expensive at $98AU.

These ones will go into the "still to fettle pile", but it will be a couple of months before I get to them to do that.

Thanks for looking.

Edit.  Added these pictures of the scenic rural landscape we drove through.

My wife took some photos of some of the rural landscape we drove through. It was a glorious day to get out and about so I thought I would share the pics with you.
A paddock of the rich red volcanic soil that abounds in this area all plowed and ready to plant out.
Lots of potatoes, peanuts, corn, sugar cane, coffee, tea, avocados, bananas, limes, papaya, hay, and dairy cattle grown in and on
this fertile soil.
 Here is a nice paddock of potatoes, I think, growing well.
 Here we are driving on the wrong side of the road to you all in North America, to visit the small antique shop on the right, where I got the E/S lantern and AGM Jiffycook stove.
 That's all folks.
Quite the nice lot there, Keith.  I especially like the Evening Star lantern; this is the first time I've ever heard of one, let alone see one.  Thanks for the bit of background information on them.
ICCC #1012

Hi Steve. It's the first time I've had an Evening Star lantern in my hands.
I was aware they existed, as I first started collecting Australian, British and European lanterns before branching out into Coleman's. However this is the first one I've come across since I started serious collecting many years ago. It's a nice solid built lantern, and as I've fettled quite a few Akron models I'm confident I will get it working without too many problems. It was a real bonus finding it within 1.5 hours of where I live also.

Actually, I've manage to pick up some nice hard to find items in my area in the last 5 months or so, since this virus has resulted in restrictions in travel, and a downturn in employment and the economy. I have recently seen more GPA items than I have ever seen in my area in previous years.
I talked to the owner of an antique store where I found the Evening Star lantern, and AGM stove, and she told me she has been overwhelmed with locals bringing in family heirlooms, and all sorts of items, found hidden away in sheds, garages, basements, attics ect., to sell to her. I suppose that's quite understandable, as times are tough. Any other members noticed the same thing in their areas.?

Nice find Keith, it is nice to find such pieces close to home. Getting the paper work with the AGM is a nice bonus. The Evening Star lantern is really cool. 
Looking for Bday lanterns, 10/83, 11/84 and 10/2011.
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steve p
Some great finds for sure!  Congrats. 

 We,re chained to the world and we all gotta pull.
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Congratulations on some very nice finds, Keith.  The stove is awesome and looks to built like a tank!
Nice finds Keith! I particularly like the Jiffykook!
Toby Garner
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Tgarner01 wrote:
Nice finds Keith! I particularly like the Jiffykook!

The more I inspect it, so do I Toby.
It has 3 little rubber feet located under the steel straps you can see, which keep it about a 1/4" above any wet surface it sits on, and gives it air flow under the fount which should give the steel base of the fount some added protection from corrosion. That's a good idea.

That's well done, Keith.  Nice scores for sure.
- Courtenay
Be Prepared
Nice finds!
Love the jiffykook, was wondering what the straps were for till I got to your post about the feet, good way to save on rim rash as well as ventilating the base.
Looking forward to flame shot of that burner🙂

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Hoping to reach cognitive and emotional maturity before my children do.
your always turning up some nice stuff down under Keith , and i always like your scenic photos . here is a funny pic from our backyard , the smallest pineapple ever ...... it was on an old neglected potted plant , the Bud was just for size comparison :-)

[DrSteve2]    Steve , Keeper of the Light !!!
Nice scenic pictures, Keith.  Your blue skies look nice.  Our usually blue skies have given way to the smoke from wildfires in the western US.  Been terrible and no relief in sight.  Thanks for sharing.
You should be chuffed with your purchases!  Beautiful countryside.
Great finds!  I particularly like the AGM with its paperwork!  Very cool!
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great country you have.
thanks for sharing your pictures of your new finds and landscape.

The Covid-19 has greatly affected the local area auctions and estate sales.  Very few weekend sales which make unhappy coleman collectors here. ðŸ˜¢ Lots of people say they are tired of this Covid situation but we are lucky. Very few deaths and only the large cities demand cloth masks to be worn.
Covid has shut down many normal activities and limited crowd sizes.  The surprise result is that many laid off workers or just lots of people wanting to do something have purchased RV's recreational vehicles to go to the local and non local lakes.  Many have gone with their RV's and boats to lakes 4 to 5 hours away for the weekend.

Thanks all, for your nice comments on this post. Much appreciated.

@SteverRetherford. Hi Steve.. Margaret and I had a good laugh seeing your tiny little pineapple. It's  mature colour looks good though.
There's a growing niche market now in a lot of countries for baby or miniature fruit and vegetables, for the dinner plate, like corn, carrots, potatoes, avocardos, ect. You may have come up with another one, mate, with your miniature pineapple. Build a big greenhouse and start propagating them and sell the plants online ðŸ˜Ž LOL.
I know what Crocodile Dundee would say about it though.
"That's not a pineapple"...  (see pic below)... "THAT'S A PINEAPPLE!"
Big Pineapple.jpg

@1hapcmpr.  Hi Mark. Only a few days ago, I was looking through our thousands of photos taken on our big road trips across the USA and Canada, and there were plenty that had that nice, clear, bright, deep blue colour. As you know, when photographing landscape scenes, having that type of sky present greatly enhances the scene you are trying to capture. The skies in Montana, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts in summer are consistently beautiful, and Canada as well. I realize it depends on what time of the year you are there, and the weather conditions prevalent on the day.
I always love to look at the photos you show here of the scenery in your part of Colorado, and admire your photographic skills in being able to capture those scenes.

@liteitup. Hi Lee. Thanks for that summary of how the virus has affected GPA hunting in your area as well as how it has impacted your other life activities as well.
My wife and I had partly planned another road trip in the USA for this summer, and would be up there now had this Covid 19 not come on the scene. Anyway, we may be able to do it next year.



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