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Best I can recall the last time my Dad fired up this Sears lantern from 1968 was in 1975...after that it was in his shed and then when he passed I just grabbed the case and shoved it in the back of the shed at my house.  With today being a "hang out" day I decided to see if I could get it lit up.

Turns out it was surprisingly easy...by dumb luck there was no fuel residue in the fount (Dad was not very mechanically inclined so did not always maintain his tools...but luckily he must have drained the fount)....about a dozen turns of the tip cleaner and a few squirts of oil to lubricate the pump were all it took to get pressure and fuel to fresh mantles....as you can see the old gal is shining nicely given the 45 year break.

I can tell there is a slow leak somewhere as I've had to pump it up a bit every 30 minutes or so, but I suspect a new gasket in the fuel cap and/or clean of the check valve should take care of that.  

Next comes decisions on how much to clean the lantern...I'm certainly not going to repaint the fount, but even if I just clean it with Simple Green the decal is likely to come off...I do have a new chevron decal to use if the decal does come off...we'll see how things turn out.

Looks like only part needing attention is the vent nut...I'm confident it was me or my brother who lost the original in the woods...luckily I was able to pick up an appropriate Coleman vent nut easily enough recently.
Cliff Ward
Cary, North Carolina
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Wanted: USFS lanterns with embossed fount...complete lantern or just the fount.
Nice. 45 years later and that Sears still burns bright. That decal has a lot of character.
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That's a great family heirloom Cliff, looks fantastic! 

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Another fine job Cliff, here's a link to a drill buffing kit I purchased and use on all my nickel and painted fount keeper lanterns/stoves. I use either buffing compound or mother's mag polish with them.
Toby Garner
ICCC #1939
Very, very cool, Cliff.  Isn't it amazing how these inanimate objects can tie us all so closely to our youth and to those whom we revere and love?
- Courtenay
Be Prepared
Great lantern and a great backstory.  Thanks for sharing.
Bill Sheehy, aka Merlotrin P.M.      ICCC #1390      eBay handle: wtspe
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Looking for birthday lanterns dated 4/33, 9/33 & 7/86

Very nice, Cliff, good to see an old family item in use once again.  I  envy all those here with GPAs having family history; it must be nice firing up a lantern and reminiscing about camping trips decades ago, when you were a boy and watched your Dad use the lantern (and for many, their Mother use the campstove.)  Alas, my family never went camping.
ICCC #1012

Awesome heirloom.  Just enjoy it.
That awesome Cliff. Having your dads lantern is very cool. It’s really cool how these lanterns and stoves can sit so long then with a little oil and some fuel they are up and running again. 
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