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First of all, I'd like to send out a huge,"Thank You!" to all of the members for the invaluable help I have already received from all of your great posts.   
In fact, it was a tip from a post here that I acquired my very first lanterns from a collector in Beaumont CA, liquidating his collection, just a couple weeks ago.  (My wife sends along a VERY sarcastic thanks to all of you too!)
I've since been "bit by bug" and have purchased a few more items. 

I was hoping my first post(s) were going to be in the collections category with a completed project and fabulous pictures but oh well, you gotta go with the flow...

Now for the mistake: a picture is worth a thousand words.
Lesson learned.  Don't apply excessive force where it shouldn't be applied. 
Breaking down and cleaning (what I think is) a C331, I created the "bent" issue above.  So I know I need a new valve assembly.  
1st question: Should try to locate an original part? Or, I think Mike has a similar valve assembly do I go with one that is close? 
2nd question: I don't see (nor did I find in the fount) a screen.  Would it be okay to reassemble without a screen?

Thanks again for everything you've all already done to help,
Yes, reassembly without  a screen should be just fine. If it makes you feel better empty and re-filter the fuel in the the fount the next 3 or 4 times you run it. 

You can email or call Mike and ask if his part will do what you want it to do. BTW, I would try to round out the hole of that valve you show above with a punch or similar. Might just work. 

Hello Marc and welcome to the forum. 
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Welcome from Coastal North Carolina.

You can fix that.  Punch and patience like Chuck said.
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Looking for any lanterns or stoves dated 5/63 or 1/72
" I would try to round out the hole of that valve you show above with a punch or similar. Might just work. "
I'd try something like that. If something tapered is not readily available, a little piece of hardwood dowel tapered in a little pencil sharpener might work, just depending on the size of the hole.
See, that is why this is so great.  I would have not even thought about reshaping the opening.  I'll give it a try.  Might just work.
I saved a piece like that with a tapered punch by heating it red hot with a torch and GENTLY tapping it with the smallest gunsmithing hammer I have.
I re-emphasize gently. If you have any doubts heat it red hot then quench in water and the metal will be as soft as it gets at room temp. Unlike steel which hardens when quenched, brass softens. It is easier to work when softened like that.
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Welcome from Colorado.
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[welcome], Marc, from Pennsylvania! Most things we have here can be fixed, or even replaced....usually! 😃
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I heated it up and then quenched it. 

Luckily, I found that a 1/4" drive #8 Torx bit had just the correct amount of taper to gently open the bent side of the valve.  After that I was able to gradually stretch the opening with a couple punches.

It's definitely not perfect but it is a lot better than it was. 
It might work. 
I'll keep my fingers crossed when I finally pressurize the fount and open the valve. 


Thanks again for the help,

I bet that will work. The brass is soft and should form right up. Just be careful and don't over tighten it. Snug it up, check for leaks. Leave it if no leaks, if it does just a smidge at a time. You don't want to strip anything out.
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Welcome from Virginia and that valve looks a lot better. Good luck on the reassembly 
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