200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.

Been trying to buy this 327 for awhile from an elderly customer I work for.IMG_20200103_122903817-600x800.jpg come in the end of last week and said he would trade it out on some work on his car. Then I was out shopping with the wife yesterday and stopped in an antique store/flea market I hadn't been to in awhile, and just when all the high prices about got me down I run across my first milspec IMG_20200105_150645668_HDR-600x800.jpg  IMG_20200105_150722998_HDR-600x800.jpg  IMG_20200105_150744350_HDR-600x800.jpg was cheaper than what I've been seeing them sell for on the popular auction site and I didn't have one so... Now I do. Plus my wife paid and said happy birthday!! Win win. IMG_20200105_151419147_HDR-600x800.jpg and fired up beneath a large double sycamore tree in my back yard. The milspec was an experience woo!
Toby Garner
ICCC #1939
Those are both great pieces. If the mil-spec matches the markings on the box, you did very well. The thermos/ king seely mil-spec was only made for one year, 1963.
CA Coleman
Both look amazing! That mil-spec is super clean. I'd love to find one of those out there. 

--Getting my feet wet and seeking a 4/81 birthday lantern
Wow, those are both great!
Keep your powder dry!

On the lookout for a 4/71 birthday lantern and a nice 502 stove, among others.........
Two very nice, desirable lanterns!  Lucky guy; thanks for posting. 

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