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After a long winter we made it up to open the family cabin. The laneway was still a bit rough but we made it up. Hats off to my fiance for driving are little car like a 4x4 and making it up I must say it was dicey at best. I don't get to lite up to many lanterns since we moved late last summer. Still seem to find the time to hunt for them though. Well here's the first lite up at the cabin from left to right 222A/243A/335/LQ327/427K/and a 228. 20190508_174026.jpg  20190508_201724.jpg 
Here's a couple more of my Mountie with some fire I just got it running just over a week ago. And 243A ready for the night to fall. I think they are my new favorites.
20190506_192808.jpg  20190506_193136.jpg  20190507_182141.jpg 
So cool, wish we had a family cabin!
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Nice post!  Love cabins, lanterns, and Canada. (Grew up in New England, and a trip to Canada was the ultimate adventure!)
- Courtenay
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Nice line up, thanks for sharing.
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My Grandpa won one of the land lotteries in SoCal in the 40's and built a cabin there. Was sold in the mid 80's after He passed. Still miss it today, but have great memories. 
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