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66 Indian creek loop
Visited a huge "antique mall" with very few gpas. Just a few over priced 220s, and spotted a parts lantern buried in a booth. Missing the vent and of course the globe. Tags says Vintage Coleman Kerosene Lantern. The fount and S shaped genny said not a Coleman. Price was'ent too bad and I sort of had visions of a new frankie. Got home and looked on Terrys site and learned it is an Akron mod 103. Dunk tested the fount, so far so good. Then it passed air... Added a cap gasket and some fuel heated the S genny and it burns. I used some cheap test mantles and borrowed a vent from an old Quick lite. I used my modern type globe with the custom lighting hole for test purposes. Never messed with an Akron before, they are a little different. Also got another 220E transition, kinda rough vent and will need a good fettle. Thanks for looking... 0817201754-02.jpg  0817201755-00.jpg 
Coleman Quick-Lite crew # 10
FAS#4 Confusing Future Generations Of Collectors One Lantern At A Time
275 appreciation syndacate #0243
Cool find!
275 Appreciation Syndicate #0245
Looking for birthday lanterns 11/58, 3/68, 3/73, 11/96, 6/97, 11/97, 12/00
Nice finds Jack! I've yet to find a better 228 transition. Seems they are all rough.
Toby Garner
ICCC #1939
That Akron is a bit of a transition model too.  It's got a blend of features
Mark __________________________________________
Nice shape fount to the Akron, nice find.
ICCC #1922.

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