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Okay I'll admit it I was the enabler.  🙂
Last Friday talked her into taking the day off as she had to work Saturday anyways. I told her too much work and no play would make her a dull girl. lol

So off we went...Found a real nice place down by a local river. Easy to get down into but definitely 4X4 only. Being a Friday never expected to see anyone else and we didn't. 


Firestarter had a lot of energy. I'd never seen her like that when she had to go to work. What's up with that?  lol


Put her to work right quick foraging for firewood and building the fire pit. I'm nice that way. 🙂



That settled her right down and she had to have a nap which gave me time to explore. 



Came back and found some footprints in the sand near where Firestarter had laid down. Showed Firestarter and told her a small bear maybe, I guess? She wasn't interested in sleeping down by the river after that. Don't anyone tell her I made the footprints!  lol  🙂


Set up the Coleman cooking station. Decided on using my Canadian 3 burner Model 5A for the roast and my old standby 413E for pie baking duty and as backup. The Model 5A is a 3 burner and is basically a glorified 4M with an extra burner. It's a nice stove, I really like it. Roast beef with some potatoes and carrots and blueberry pie for dessert was on the menu. Glad I brought my backup 413 as the 5A hickupped half way through the roast. I guess a new gennie is probably in order. Always bring a backup. Sooner or later you'll be thankful you did! Firestarter thought I was so smart!  lol


Loaded up the roast with plenty of garlic and a liberal smattering of onion. Brought the oven up to 400F on the gauge and cooked the roast for about 30 minutes in the old vintage Glassbake roasting pan before adding the carrots and potatoes. Another 30 minutes and it looked and smelled real good. 



Brought along a small British kero burning "Monitor" stove to help make the gravy. 



While we ate put the pie in the oven and even though I wrecked the top crust putting it on...
(Yeah yeah I know store bought🙁 ) The pie turned out pretty good. Only thing missing was some ice cream. Next time....


Had Firestarter clean up the dishes...Not really sure what it is I do besides look pretty but whatever!!!  🙂


Sat around for a bit after that and that was that. Till next time...

LOL didnt even have to get out of your easy chair . she does it ALL !!! my kind of gal :-)
[DrSteve2]    Steve , Keeper of the Light !!!
Great pictures, Alex!  Looks like you and Firestarter had a good day by the river but it seems like Firestarter took a day off of work so she could work!  You are one lucky man.  😁
What a great story with pics and awesome scenery!  The location doesn't look to bad either.  🙂  It looks like you had quite the feast too.


Have you ever imagined a world with no hypothetical situations?
Good times! Glad you had an excellent day!
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That definitely beats a day in the office, Alex.
- Courtenay
Be Prepared
My outing Pal Gal!

I hope you appreciate what you have, Alex!
Greg -- Fiat Lux!
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Yeah...yeah...I might of said this before but Firestarter and I go way back. She was my girlfriend in high school and grew up in the ritzy part of the Fraser Valley. Me, in the poorer part of the valley son of an immigrant farmer. Her Dad was an airline pilot back when being an airline pilot was a big deal. I remember them having the first color TV and microwave oven and built in vacuum cleaner that I ever saw. Funny how I remember being intimidated by her Dad thinking that he must of been a real smart guy to be doing what he was doing. He was always kind of aloof to me until one day he asked about what we did on the farm. I guess Linda had told him that was what my family did. At the time I remember telling him I was raising pigs. Thinking he'd probably brush me off after that comment, but strangely he warmed up to me. Turns out he also grew up on a farm raising pigs and actually never even finished high school. Somehow with two older brothers who had obtained pilot licenses he followed them into bush pilot northern Canada aviation and yeah...you could become an airline pilot back then without a high school diploma, even though I'm sure he must of upgraded his education somehow. Those were definitely the heydays of aviation and he was a part of it. Regardless Linda was pretty much down to Earth back then and 40 odd years later when I got that phone call out of the blue from her she has remained that same person I knew back then. Funny how all that time can go by but we have picked up exactly where we have left off. Yeah, I know I'm lucky but that doesn't mean I still don't remind her that it was her who dumped me back then. LOL    Yup...she is one high energy blast. No complaints.  🙂
Great story, Alex.  Thanks for sharing.
Alex, t
That is an outstanding way to spend a day off work, or any day, and it shows in the smiles.

I knew my limited menu was below par in comparison with some here already..... but sheeezzzz..... a roast and pie just for a quick day out!

Thanks for sharing your back story, probably a few here who felt the heart pangs of a high school dumping as we read that, and easy to see why your bringing your A game back to the fore now lol.

Well done to both of you, looks like perfect times, and long may they and the smiles continue. 

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Pretty good eating.  All I've done is a game hen and sweet potato, cookies,  brownies in my oven.  Nothing in a couple years.  
Duane-All seasons, year round backpacker and camper.  So many stoves who's counting.
Mr Alex seems to me yore just a cab driver for fire starter. She doesn’t need you other than getting to the beautiful spots she WORKS in. Another episode of driving miss daisy lol
really nice pics 
Carol flies for SWA these days - I have considered looking her up, I know where she spends some time, over forty years (and many tears) later.

EEL Eclectic Lanterns, div.  Doofenshmirtz-EEL Incorporated.

I would have some extra energy to burn if I took a day off work too! Nice to see the backstory of you two as well.
Zachary E.
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Always great when a plan comes together.
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