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Well it's certainly been a slow year for me.  Not much going on in my small town, and no time to hit any of the sales that there have been.  Yesterday I saw a post on Facebook with not real good pictures, but I did spot a Coleman, but couldn't tell what it was or what shape it was in.  Hurried down there after work today and look what I found.  A 60 something (already forgot) 220E.  The vent is perfect with no chips but missing the nut.  It has nice Coleman sunrise globe. Wrong fuel cap, missing clip for the pump, but for 5 bucks no complaints. 

Also found an old cast iron 3 burner propane.  I don't see any brand marking on it, but the porcelain valve handles are neat. 10 bucks. If anyone knows what it could be that would be great.

 Got the old GE fan for 5 also. Still works but I will have to put a new switch and cord on it

I think for 20 dollars I did ok for my first find of the year.
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Paid for the sunrise globe... Everything else was free ðŸ˜ nice finds👍
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Well done!
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Nice haul! Good call on adding a new cord and switch on the fan👍🏻 It’s amazing how some of those old cords are dry rotted and can cause a house fire. 

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Nice things there, Justin, especially the three burner and fan.  That fan reminds me of a very similar, if not the same model my grandmother once had.
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I would have jumped on that in a heartbeat!
Great score!
Oh, yeah. I'd have been on that like a Dipteran on feces!
It's priceless until someone puts a price on it.
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