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With all of this Covid crap I finally got to hook up with some Coleman collectors yesterday. What started out with meeting up with one other collector for an exchange turned Into 
John Hess, Moses Yoder, Dean DeGroff and I meeting up at John’s farm house in Indiana yesterday morning. For the most part we were outside but still practiced social distancing when in the barns. 
While I was there I got a text from Ryan Sheridan, I was holding something for him and he was in the area so a couple of hours after I got home Ryan and Dave Ashley stopped by. 
Sorry for no pics but it was a full day of BSing for sure. 
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Ahhhhhh the longing for BSing is real.

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Yeah, I start discussing GPAs around friends around here and eyes start glazing over.
It's priceless until someone puts a price on it.
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Good to hear that you were able to meet up some other collectors, Greg. 
Gunhippie wrote:
Yeah, I start discussing GPAs around friends around here and eyes start glazing over.
Yea, I get the same reaction here as well.  
People look at me crazy for sure. I think most people don’t understand there past and don’t give a crap.
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I am lucky enough to visit with several older gentleman every weekday morning from a little after 7a.m. till 9 a.m. at our shop for coffee (have done this for close to 30 years)  anyway long story short I light them something every morning and they enjoy looking/hearing at my latest restores, but could care less about it being only made a few months or being built during war periods... They just like how they look I think ðŸ˜ 

Anytime someone brings something for "show and tell" someone pipes up and shouts "How much!!!" A lot of trading goes on in our little group. Knives, guns, antiques, and the occasional GPA ðŸ˜‰
Toby Garner
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That’s great Greg, even more appreciated in this crazy year. 
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That would be great to get to meet up with all of you guys again. I like getting together and hanging out with all of you. With the local gatherings being cancelled, I'm going nuts. Dave Ashley and I have been sending messages back and forth all weekend. 

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