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PW NO 1.jpg 

Been saving this one for last because of its "cool" factor.  Fortunately the stove was in good condition so it went pretty quickly.

PW 2.jpg 

Here is a picture with the burner assembly removed so you can see it better...

PW 4.jpg 

You can see from the picture that the middle burner is the main burner, with the left and right being auxiliary and controlled by pulling the wire lever toward the front of the stove to light. The generator on this thing is 19" long!

The lighting protocol is as follows: that slot you see to the left of the middle burner allows you to slide that small rod up, which in turn diverts fuel from the generator down to the priming cup when you open the fuel valve.  There is even a small metal secondary cup under it to catch any excess (but you still have to be alert to avoid excess fuel).

PW 6.jpg 

The burner can start directly from the priming cup, but it tends to "underburn" which is not good for the burner, so I prefer to let all flame go out. Then open the valve and light the burner directly.

Here is a picture of the assembly in the box, all fired up and ready to cook.

PW 7.jpg 

If you keep opening up the valve, this sucker can put out a lot of heat!  

If you look carefully you can see both burner levers pulled forward in the burn position. Also you can see the wire legs which slide up into the box for storage.

My understanding is this stove was manufactured in the mid-1920's (?). Does anyone know of a 3 burner camp stove manufactured before this one?

Incredible!  That is a treasure for sure. 
Searching for a 8 72 lantern and/or 2 68.....
I have one pretty much the same concept but with a shorter generator. Case was in a electrolysis bath for rust and paint removal (yes paint, was at some point overpaint) tank is leaking from the rim so I need to Caswell this and missing the pressure gauge. 
Looking for B-Day lantern 9/83, 7/85
Bumpkin 95
Definitely a awesome stove. I would love to hear the stories it could tell.
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 I love old stoves.
The stoves manufactured after WWI and through the 1920's are really fun to work with. Manufacturers were experimenting with different designs trying to find ones that worked well and also refining designs to reduce cost.  So there are many interesting stoves during that era to work on (also, same thing was happening with lanterns).
Nice stove!  That 3-burner should be able to handle anything that is on the camping menu.  You’ll be having fun with that one.

I have a model 10.  By then they moved the generator to the right burner And had the tank hanging with a built in pump.  Nice stove and once it had new seal and pip, it runs well.  You are likely right about your #1 being the first 3 burner   Haven’t seen or heard of an earlier one  

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Very nice, Don, it looks great! The burner flames look really neat on that one; thanks for all the pictures, especially of the burner assembly removed from the stove, as it definitely aids in seeing how it all looks.
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Wow love that thing it’s really grate.
It’s amazing how many different models and makes of stoves and lanterns out there. Seems every time I come on this forum I see something I haven’t seen before. A great find!
Not looking for anything. I have too much already, my wife says. 
Don that's in amazing condition and it very well might be the earliest 3 burner IMG_20200502_646.jpg dont think this is quite as old but it's old enough for me 

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