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I got a bunch of old Coleman generators and parts from a guy I did a favor for and I cannot determine for which lantern model(s) these f/a tubes were intended, so any ID help is appreciated. All appear to have an identical fuel rod and spring, with the external differences as follows:

1) The first one appears to have a 1-piece tube that is thicker than the others and with the air hole right at the shoulder of the flared upper section. The bottom has a hexagonal ‘nut’ shaped end.

2) The middle one has in place of the flared section in #1, a separate section, crimped to the main tube, which is thinner that the tube in #1, but with the air hole in the thicker, upper, crimped section. The upper hex section and flare of #1 and crimped #2 section are about the same length.  Also, in place of the hex ‘nut’ at the bottom end for #1, #2 (and #3, right tube in the pic) has a cylindrical section.

3) Lastly, #3’s upper end is also crimped like #2, but the combined crimped section and upper hex are smaller than for #2, and the air hole is just below the larger diameter crimped section, in the main tube body:

All three of these were attached to this same 220/228 (?) style valve body:
If anyone can tell me for which model(s) these F/A tubes belong, I would appreciate your input. 

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The middle one is a classic 220/228 for later models.  Not sure about the others.

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The top one appears to be the kind used on 220/228B, 220BX, 220/228C, and milspecs.  
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Looks like Cigar Mike sells the bottom one for every 220/228B-K. 
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I've taken enough 220/228B/Cs apart to know the top one goes to them. You say it was in the same type valve as the others, so that tells me that particular one was in a 220/228C. The others are later, probably the same part number, just a tweak in manufacture to make it more efficient one way or the other. 

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Thanks everyone for your feedback.
Some would rather curse the darkness than light a Coleman lantern...

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