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I have waaaaay too many BBQs in my yard, shed, and garage. I don't need any more no matter how cool they are. OK, that's what I keep telling myself.
So, this one catches my eye at the estate sale and I flat out loved it but thought.... Okay... I don't need any more no matter how cool... So I left the estate sale (Friday) sans said BBQ. I even told my wife about it and that I didn't buy it. She was so proud!
Then, I got curious about it and started looking at some of my vintage BBQ cookbooks. One of them is called the Big Boy Barbecue Book from the 50's/60's. Flipping through the pages revealed the same BBQ that I had seen at the estate sale page after page. 
I started looking on the web to see if i could find more info on this BBQ. I couldn't find any info on this portable version of this BBQ nor about the company that made it.
Couldn't sleep much that night. Flashes of that chrome barrel shaped Big Boy BBQ slipped into my dreams. It took me all night to convince myself that I needed another cool vintage BBQ. Besides, I don't have anything like it.
So yesterday, I got up a little early and continued convincing myself to scratch the early "I don't need any more" mantra going on in my head. The wife won't mind. I can just hide it in the garage or something.
Time to go see if the BBQ is still there.
The Estate sale opened at 9. I was there at 8:30. I go to the back of the property and yipper, it's still there.
The lady asked why I didn't buy it the day before. "It's complicated" I told her. With a smile, I hoisted the prize and put in the back seat of the truck. I slept well last night.
I haven't had time to clean it at all. As is, it really is nice. Here are a few pictures of the BBQ.
We had several Big Boy BBQs as a kid. The were round on 3 legs with a hood and had a rotisserie unit. 
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Of course you don't need it, Chris.  That's not the point.  Enjoy!
- Courtenay
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That is a good looking little grill. 🙂
-Tom - in the Texas Hill Country
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we had the big, big boy grill when i was a kid, it was green on top and black on the bottom with wheels at one end. sadly, it rusted out and the legs gave way as they were attached to the rusty sides.
I had a Big Boy. We lived in Burbank and bought it direct. Ours was hammered bronze though.
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