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Hi friends.
I'm working on restoring several lanterns right now as mentioned in other postings.
In that respect I try to inspect founts from the inside to see the surface and any special spots before and after resin coatings.
However, I'm not overly impressed with the quality of the images. I bought that camera over the internet from China. Is that what one can expect from such cheap things or am I doing something wrong?
I've tried the drivers from the CD as well as from both QR codes.
I only got the camera to work on my PC with the VLC video player.
The description says: focal distance: 4cm (abt 1.5") to infinite.
Do you have better results with other cameras? Pls let me know.

pump4.1.jpg  pump5.1.jpg  spy-camera1.jpg 
What is that part what looks like an additional sheet of metal around the pump shaft (entrance end) of the AGM 2572?
Thanks for your input.

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I also have one of cheap ones from China.  While it does work somewhat - it suffers from issues.  As you mention - the focal distance it too long.  Most of these have focus only at greater than 1.5 inches.  And since the camera head is about an inch long it makes it hard to get a focus on many areas inside a fount. 

That said - you can get a view that is better compared to peering into the fount with your eye and a flashlight.

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Mine is a cheap Chinese one, too.  Your photos are comparable to mine.  I paid about $12 and I'd say the photos are about what I'd expect from a $12 camera.
I have one of the cameras as it can plug into my cell phone making it portable. The stiff cable that is made for fishing into larger spaces limits the field of view in close quarters. As others have said, you get what you pay for, but that being said, it is an interesting gizmo.
Hi.  Below is a picture taken with my cheap Chinese endoscope.  It is (obviously) a check valve in one of my lanterns.  I use a program called Cheese.  Its for webcams, and I use Linux.  I also have some fairly good shots of my 502 founts.  Some endoscopes may be better than others for looking into founts, but practice using them may help too.
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I've got a Snap-On self contained camera, and it can take  clear pictures and sometimes not.  I often take 10 pictures of something inside a font to get one clear one.
Ok, guys,
thanks very much for your input. It seems one cannot expect good images from a cheap camera.
I was only confused that I can't focus anything good enough. Images are always somewhat blurry, at very near distances as well as on larger ones.
Anyway. I think I'll have to live with it.
Thanks again, Erwin.
My homepage: http://www.eschaefer.de
Pls. see navigation on HP for Collectors Maps.

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