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Is it possible to do electrolysis rust removal inside a fuel font or tank?  I'm picturing putting a steel rod inside the font, with a insulator and the fuel port level to keep it centered and not touch the font sides.  I have not done any electrolysis since high school chemistry, but it's time to start doing so again
I'll wait for Timm to add his expertise, but should work with an anode inside if it's insulated....

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Regardless of how well it works, hot citric does a great job and is fairly quick.


Flammable liquids, open flame, what could go wrong?

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Make sure the tank can vent.
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I've done it several times successfully using the method you suggest. I just used blue painter's tape to wrap the electrode and create a plug big enough to hold it in place. If you put a fuel cap on and fill through the valve bung you can pretty well fill the fount which will allow the upper portion to get cleaned as well as the bottom.  While I am an avid proponent of electrolysis for cleaning up old GPAs I found that filling the fount with evaporust and leaving it for a few days worked just as well.
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Yep, as mentioned it works fine.  I'd put a rubber/plastic tip on the anode so you don't short it to the bottom but it'l work fine.   

I also think the chem solutions (citric, Vinegar Evaporust) are probably a bit more complete as the E tank is more or less line of sight, and you will have "shadows" (Pump tube, and if a mil spec, possibly a parts safe tube)
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Using electrolysis inside a Ford NAA fount:


Worked just fine!
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