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For better or worse, I'm planning a little road trip for after 4th-July.  Goal is to get from ~NW Suburban Boston MA area to ~Reston VA (SE Suburb of Wash DC) ...and return... while avoiding Large Metropolitan Areas and the Interstate Freeway system if possible.  Southward travel will be Monday 6-July, return north is probably one of the weekend days 11 or 12-July

I looked up my ideas for a route and notice that it likely goes near Lancaster PA and Gettysburg PA, both of which I have never been to before. And I have learned that there is a Coleman Outlet Store in Lancaster with open hours, so that is already on the must-see list.  

Without giving away any real secrets, if people could point me to good lantern or scenic or historical or oddball spots I'd appreciate it.  Otherwise it's fallback to my normal position of making the worst from dumb luck and FOMO... sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

Thanks in advance, and kind regards to all.
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Definitely check out the road tour of the battlefields while in Gettysburg.  You drive along the route and can stop to see and read the monuments.  This auto tour will give you quite a perspective of just how large of an area the battle(s) encompassed there.  Likely far larger than you might have imagined.

Along with the Coleman outlet in Lancaster, Leacock Coleman Center is a few miles away.  I haven’t checked out Lancaster lanterns there, but only because I thought it was just a name and did not know they were there also.  For some reason, I thought they were out west somewhere.

If you’re into Aladdin’s or wickies, you’ll appreciate Leacock Coleman Center.

What I would check out first is the Covid cases in the areas you’re traveling.  Some areas are shutting back down because of the irresponsible people gathering in groups without masks and not social distancing, leading to a big spike in cases.


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H. C. Lanterns is in Quarryville, not far from Lancaster. 
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Take 15 south from Gettysburg to Frederick - a nice downtown. Then you can swing by Sharpsburg and see Antietam or take 15 across the Potomac at Point of Rocks and then on to Leesburg. 
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Thanks, Everybody, so far!  Great ideas!! 

Except for the possible pandemic effects and the doubtful reliability of my selected automobile, I'm really looking forward to this little journey.  My desired start time keeps on getting pushed earlier and earlier to accommodate leisurely social-distanced stops along the way. 

Do I need to call ahead if I want to visit H. C. Lanterns? (I think that I should:  both call ahead and visit if possible )

jayhawksr -- I was planning on that Gettysburg - Fredericksburg - Leesburg route.  A couple of years ago I bicycled the C&O Canal and GAP Rail Trail, so am a little familiar with some of that area.

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Penn's cave, Centrehall PA is a fun spot... It's a flooded cave with a boat tour.

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