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frames back
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I picked up this very early Canadian 200, red painted fount Sport- Lite model, during our road trip across Canada last year. It's been sitting in my queue of lanterns and lamps awaiting to be fettled since then, however, I finally got around to cleaning it up this week.
I never even looked at it's date stamp when I bought it in Canada, but did so 3 days ago, and was very surprised to find it stamped 2-59. These painted models were introduced in Canada in 1959, so this one is a very early model, but there are two dated 4-59 shown in the ccf archives. It's certainly the earliest one I've seen so far, and may well be the first month they were made, in 1959. Does anyone have one from Janurary 1959?
It was in good condition to start with, with nice dark cherry red paint and some of the early features like the nickle 3 piece fuel cap, the two small screws fixing the pump cover to tube, and the bent wire type tip cleaner lever.
It has no decal on the fount, but probably should have had a paper decal under the tip cleaner, according to Agostino, in one of his posts.
It also has the words "COLEMAN" stamped on the generator tube.
And, it also has a black dot on the top of the vent, which I was not sure about, as later ones did not have the dot, but it could be a carry over trom the earlier nickle fount 200 Flood-Lites.

Anyway, it's a nice lantern to have in my collection, and it did not take much work to clean it up. 
So here are the before pictures.

IMG_1767 (2).jpg 

P9013284 (2).jpg 

Now all cleaned up and fettled.


P9073293 (2).jpg 

P9073346 (3).jpg 

Here is the early date stamp of 2-59.

P9073309 (2).jpg

IMG_1804 (2).jpg 
Thanks for looking.

Beauty, eh?!?

Now you just need a 4M stove to go with it! Along with a 2-4 of Molson Canadian stubbies, some back-bacon and a couple of cans of Libby's beans...then you can TAKE OFF and be a real hoser!

There is no armour made that can withstand the Truth. Karsa Orlong
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Looking for Canadian lanterns 8/30, 10/34, 4/67, 3/64, and any GPA for July 2004.

Beautiful lantern.  Looks amazing! what did you use to clean the brass so well?  almost looks new.

Hope you enjoyed our country! 
if it's older than me, I trust it to last.
Nice.  Why do you bother fettling it if you are going to just set it on a shelf?
Duane-All seasons, year round backpacker and camper.  So many stoves and lanterns, who's counting.
Nice.  Why do you bother fettling it if you are going to just set it on a shelf?

Thanks, Duane. Not sure what you're trying to say in your above post, though.
If you are assuming that I only clean and fettle lanterns to put them on a shelf to be shelf queens, to look at only, then that is certianly far from the case, mate.
Like most collectors here, I also like to fire up my lanterns and other gpa's as often as I can. I get as much enjoyment from doing that as I do in finding a severly neglected gpa and bringing it back with a good quality fettle and clean up.
I've never said anywhere here that I don't run my lanterns, lamps and stoves after I clean them, so I don't know why you would assume that I do.

No doubt there are collecotrs who don't like to run their items after putting in a lot of work cleaning them up, but  that's their choice, and I don't have a problem with that. It's their collection to do with as they please.

@Scouter_Angus. Hi Angus. Well we sure heard that word "Eh" plenty of times during our Canada trip. Canadians insert it at the end of almost every sentence they say, eh.
I had to look up the word "Hoser" to find out what it means.
Google says, "Hoser"...Canada Slang....A clumsy, borish person, especially an uncouth, beer drinking man...
Well Margaret says that I fit that discription pretty well, so I guess I don't have to drink that Molson, eat that "back bacon" and do all those other Canadian things to be one, lol.
We had a wonderful road trip across Canada, and thank you for taking some of you time out from your busy working schedule to meet with us, in your lovely town.

@harrisoncorey. Hi Harrison. Brass is one of the easiest metals to clean and polish, and also one of the most common metals you will find on lanterns and other gpas.
Separate your brass patrs from the steel or cast iron ones. I soak them in CLR for about 10 minutes for the thin walled parts, and about 20 minutes, or so, for the thicker cast parts, before removing them. If they begin to get a pinkish colored hue to them, get them out quick as the acid is beginning to leach out some copper from the brass. I then put the parts in a solution of bicarbonate of soada and water for about 10 minutes to neutralize any acid that may remain on them.
Then simply rince them in clean water and polish them with Mothers Aluminium mag wheel polish.
Instead of using CLR, you can use vinigar, or citric acid for the acid soak. Don't use an acid soak on the porcelain vents or aluminium parts, as it will cause damage to those.

Yep, as I told Angus, we really enjoyed our road trip across Canada. It's a great country, with spectacular scenery, great food and wonderful people.
I see you're from Toronto. We spent some time in that city and went to some good antique shops there. One of them down town was 4 stories high, and had a  massive floor space. I got a few cheap lamps there. We also met with William, Major Man, in Toronto, who is a CCF member here, and a great guy.
We may get back up there sometime.

Hi Keith Both are dated 2 1959 200 Canada 

2 59 "Sportlite " nickel
2 59 "Sportlite" red paint

Last year of production for the nickel plated model
and first year production for the red painted models.

Very nice lantern you found,
and yes an early painted

Not sure i've ever seen a 1 59.
Depending on how large the black dot is on the vent, it might be original or like you said "leftovers"

Agostino812C7887-5404-4B0C-B5B2-288F19977630.jpeg  3ED4EBD0-0C4F-48A9-8BCE-CC579E1C342B.jpeg 
ICCC 957
arent yours all on a shelf Duane ? :-)
[DrSteve2]    Steve , Keeper of the Light !!!
47DAF643-E656-4CA1-AC7A-647807314F94.jpeg  FF51FFD9-8625-4F3F-AB1C-9F7C396667F6.jpeg  B77C209E-EA74-4D64-834C-762F67A8CA49.jpeg  0511E640-66E7-44EC-AF37-A67ACA2897E9.jpeg  Keith

I am sure the black dot is original for a 59.
This one above is dated
5 1959

ICCC 957
Hi Agostino. Thanks for posting that good information on these Canadian 200s.
I did not know that the Canadian nickle 200 was also produced in early 1959 as well as the red painted 200. So it's certainly possible that the black dot high vent was used on the early red 200 as well.

I like it. I have a nickel 2-58, it has a dot which is barely larger in diameter than the vent nut. Also a solid frame
ICCC member #604
Well Dan, I never realized that there was such a noticible variation in the size of the dot on these 200 and 200A lanterns. So, I went and looked at all my Canadian and USA 200 and 200A lanterns. I don't have that many US ones to compare, but I noticed I had three distinct sizes in my lot. Lets just call them large, medium, and small.
Here is a picture of my three vents. The large, medium, and small dots are left to right. The middle one is the vent from the CA 200 in this post.
Left to right the vents are from... USA 200 Christmas lantern, CA 200 2-59, USA 200A Black Band.

P9103355 (2).jpg 

Here are the same vents, but with the vent ball nuts on. You can see with the one on the right, you can hardly see any of the black dot showing, with the vent nut  on.  So, I've learnt something new about these dots.

P9103362 (2).jpg 

Mine is identical to the one on the right. all the early 200's that I've seen, both Yankee and Canuck have that large dot.
The solid frame seemed to have been used for a while then Canada went back to the early style with the holes.  
ICCC member #604
I’m still too new to know all the particulars of so many models but I know a great looking lantern when I see one! 
Nice 200 Keith, with all of those subtle Canadian features that shows that while Coleman Canada was a part of "Coleman", the President/CEO/Board of Directors encouraged it to do it's own thing.

Ahhhhh, the great philosophical debate about restoration, users, Shelf Queens, better than new, etc., and the sin of not lighting a lantern. After restoring hundreds of GPAs I rarely light a restoration now unless it's a type I've never worked on before. I know I've rebuilt and restored it properly so I sit restored and unlit GPAs on my shelves with pride!

My best gal is a Coleman outing pal!
2 1/2 minutes to Midnight...
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