200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.

Saw this one languishing on the local Craigslist for a week so felt sorry for it and went brought the poor thing home. Only a couple miles down the road and asking price was chump change so what's a guy to do? Was hoping it would have an original globe but no luck. A regular Coleman 200 globe came on it and it works. Lit right up. Not sure who made them but it's a pretty good lantern. Vent is a brown color and is in real nice shape. Dang it!!! Guess I gotta keep this one, too! 


Great score in my book. I love anything that adds a little color to my collection and that yellow and brown is tops on my list.

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Those are actually really neat lanterns. They were quality built, that's for sure. I have a 730 just like it myself. Mine had a 200a globe as well. Strange luck, I bought a 288 from an auction for $2.00, and it had the correct globe for the dura-camp. 
I think they are good looking units. I have the two mantle version. EVERYTHING on it leaked or was loose or was plugged when I got it.
Cool find!

So who made these?  I never heard of them?
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outlawmws wrote:
Cool find!

So who made these?  I never heard of them?

Japan, I believe. Seen one in the wild and it was way to rough, haven't seen another since.

About a third of the way down shows a DuraCamp
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I have a nice single mantle Alex, be careful cleaning it as they say the decal will disappear if just cleaning with soap and water. 
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Decent find. Alex; looks very bright, and a bright lantern's good.
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Hey Mr Alexx join the the club. Now you gotta get the stove too. I’m one up on ya lol. They’re nice pieces of hardware
That’s a nice looking user. 
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