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are powerhouse dual fuel gens cleanable? Do they come apart ? 
They are cleanable, but it takes a little doing. The current generators are built such that the internals don't slide/fall out. In side the generator tube there is an alignment/keeper ring that holds the pricker rod (which itself is crimped so it does not slide out of the ring). This ring is held in the tube by a dimple in the generator tube. What seems the best approach to removing the internals is to lightly hold the generator tube in something like a vice, heat the dimple with a small butane torch to heat and soften it, then pull the pull the pricker rod/ring out with needle nosed pliers while the dimple is hot and soft. If you search the forum for "generator dimple" and similar, you will see previous discussions with pictures.
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Yes, there's a good chance of it, if you can get the cleaning rod out without it breaking.  You would then remove the tip and push the captive bushing out.  Just make certain you toss the captive bushing and use one of the recommended wraps.  I use bronze wool myself.  Once you have it apart and rebuild with one of the wraps, it'll be a piece of cake to rebuild that generator in the future.

If you decide that you want to reuse the captive bushing, it may be easier and less painful to repeatedly smack yourself on the head with a rubber mallet.  🙂  The bushing is a pain to remove and just not worth considering reuse.  Reusing it will add to the chance of damaging the cleaning rod or generator tube.

You may want to review this thread on rebuilding a 285 generator:


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