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Hey good people
Been working on the Akron lantern, and used carb cleaner/white gas mixture with the BB dance.  This is what came out, a gritty black powder, and quite a bit of it.  
It does not cling to the magnet, so it ain't steel.  I suspect it is dried out gasoline.  The font interior looks a lot cleaner, although there is still some black stuff crusted onto the bottom.  Not sure if I will give it another go, or just reassemble as is.  
Any advice is welcome
Carefully fill it with liquid Drano and BBs and do the BB dance for a couple of more days, that is dried up RUG. 
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If it's painted be careful not to get any Drano on the paint ..it will discolor it ! 
Don't ask me how I know ...
I use boiling citric acid to clean founts.   Removes rust as well as anything else in the fount.  When you do this with BB's, it'll be an hour or two before the fount is cooled enough to hold it for shaking.


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Cool idea Try oven mittens. 
I like to use screws instead of BB's . I get a lot better result from them. A couple hand fulls of some 3/4" cheap pan head screws is what i'm using.
I was just working on a LZ 327 tank. There was a hard coating of something that was preventing the Evaporust from doing it's job so I put those screws in and shook for a long time. Submerged the tank in hot citric acid for about 20 minutes, dumped out the citric and shook some more. Put evaporust in again and it came out looking great. I then used Caswells to seal the bottom of the tank. Completely happy with the results.

I recently cleaned out a 335P fount with decades old gasoline that had created a hard layer of 'stuff'. I used a washing detergent stain remover with boiling water (in the UK/EU this is the item https://www.vanish.co.uk/products/powders/) plus BBs (actually I use small bolt nuts). Also did the hot citric as well. Fount completely clean but it doesn't happen instantly either way.
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I fill it with denatured alcohol and let sit a couple days, shaking it each day (for good measure, not sure it’s needed) and it seems to do wonders 

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