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@magikbus Stan! How are things going?
Shane Looking for the following Canadian birthday lanterns or lamps: 2-32, 6-34,
Hi Shane, things are going well.  Lots of irons in the fire (metaphorically, I only have one Coleman iron it's blue) and we've been hunkered down due to the covid thing for a few months now.  The house is almost finished, just a front porch and an inside basement stairs to replace and it's officially done.  We do get down to Vic to the grandkids once in a while (built a Taj Ma Shed for my daughter) and occasionally get to your own personal thrift store although I have become extremely picky as to what Coleman stuff I buy.  Maybe it's me getting older or my garage becoming overstuffed with Coleman I don't know.  I guess you have been working steadily?  Everything cruising along with you guys?
I always take the road less traveled, now where the h3ll am I?
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HEET is Methanol not Ethanol

So is "Methyl Hydrate"
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I use yellow Heet for preheating my kero lanterns 
👀 for BD lantern  7/85, 10/04, 5/11, 2/19
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“Solo sé que no sé nada”

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