200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.

picked up this stove last weekend and got around to a test fire today. No badge on it and it does not quite match the early Coleman’s or Kamp Kooks but identified via the Terry Marsh site as an O’keefe and Merritt Cook Quick. It came with about a century of crud and mouse nests but cleaned it out and put a new leather on the pump.  The main seal is lead like a 327 and it held pressure and no leaks. The generator sprayed misted when I turned the knob so a test fire was in order.  It has a small preheat cup in the main burner but as I was taught stove prep 101 by some guy named Linus I of course got out the torch and preheated.  Sprang right into life.  Nice adjustment on the burners and it did not seem like it had been that long since it been used as it almost immediately burned blue.  Had to try some period cookware on it.  It has nice range of adjustment for the burners and if you are willing it will crank up really high.  Some features:
  steel tank with brazed fittings
  steel knobs
  the side where the tank hangs is doubled walled with an asbestos shield
  removable legs
  lid stands 
  no wind shields 
All and all a nice little stove. Just need a Model T to go with it now. 

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What a great piece to bring back to life
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Loooks like I am in Australia.  Could someone invert the photos?  Way beyond my skillset.  Looked good on my home computer but not so much on the one at work. 
Here Ya go


  cookquick3.jpg  cookquick2.jpg   


If it has a flame, I like it.
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