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I have a coleman 425E499 camp stove i took it camping the other day and noticed the paint was getting bad in some spots does anyone know want green they used in this year im thinking its a 1971 model its a light green 
[welcome], Treavor, from Pennsylvania! I forget at the moment what I used on a similar stove a while back, but someone will be along soon with a good answer for you.  I probably don't have the paint can I used anymore.
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Hi there and welcome from Western Massachusetts. I restored a 426D a couple months ago and I used Rustolum enamel gloss hunter green. It was a good match to the original Coleman green. I tried attaching the link to my post of the project, but if you search 426D Before and after in the collections topic you should find it. Good luck on your project. 
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Welcome to the CCF, Trevor.  Great to have you here.  Ken was on with the color.  The Rustoleum gloss Hunter Green is what you want.  
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