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Here are the lessons that were discussed in an earlier thread in Just Bull.

Lesson #1 (Part A): Introduction of what it's about and Coleman history.

Lesson #1 (Part B): What products parts and tools are about.

Lesson #2: Fuels

Lesson #3 What makes them tick. Proper operations.

Lesson #4: Model 220 & 228

Lesson #5: Model 200A

Lesson #6: Model 237 & 237A Kerosene or Marine lantern

Lesson #7: Coleman Propane 5120 & 5122 and major malfunction

Lesson #8: Propane models 5107 & 5114

Lesson #9: Coleman electric Lanterns     *(sigh)*

Lesson #10: Bookkeeping, if you decide to start a repair business.

Lesson #11: 220H & 228H and other things & accessories

Lesson #12: Single Burner Stoves 500 500A & 502

Lesson #13: Model 413 C,D,E,F,G Two Burner Stoves

Lesson #14: Coleman model 425 B,C,D,E and 426-A,B,C,D

The following lessons are all propane appliances:

Lesson #15: Coleman Gas Picnic Stove Models 5404 & 5409

Lesson #16: Coleman Camp Stove # 5418-708

Lesson #17: Coleman Propane Stove Model 5410:

Lesson #18: Coleman Propane Stove 5410-708:

Lesson #19: Coleman Propane Stove 5400-708:

Sears Camp Stove Manual:

This is the last of these lessons.


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