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Good day!

I am refurbishing a Coleman Peak1 400A stove, but whilst dismantling the valve, the graphite seal broke into a thousand pieces.

I now need to make a replacement seal out of graphite foil.

Could anyone provide me with the original basic dimensions of the graphite seal? Thickness and length?

Should anyone have an original graphite seal available for the 400A, I would obviously be interested as well.

Don't have it but - here's a link to packings sold by the forum host Old Coleman Parts:

If the "graphite foil" is anything like graphite ribbon or graphite tape - it will work just fine. You may simply have to do some trial and error as you add more, test, add more, etc. 
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From what I have seen, Coleman did not have a replacement for that part on this stove. You would just buy a whole new valve. I looked at OCP and they are only showing the one for the B model and up. Those use O rings in place of the graphite. I tried to take one that I have out, but it was in there nice and tight. I did not want to damage it.
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