200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.
Which Coleman oven do most prefer? I'd like to find one with the diamond BUT!!!! 
Also whar griddle on a vintage 413d or 413e?
For the griddles, if you want vintage I would go with the 5140-425. Cast aluminum with the two wells on the one side and the raised bosses on the bottom. Spreads the heat out better. You may be able to find them with the toaster/broiler racks that slip on it too.  There is also a version that comes with 3 heat shields that go inside a 425 stove to help with heat burning the case. The Canadian 5140b and 5140c are nice ones as well.  They have the 4 wells on them and came with a handle to hook on them to put take them off the hot stove.  The b has raised bosses on the bottom for better heat dispersion, while the c has reliefs cast into it for better storage inside the stove.  I think those 3 are the besr ones.
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