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I am finally getting my yard lamp gong. I have it hooked up to a 20 Lb. propane tank with a regulator. I works, but it is over driving the mantel. I am using an Aladdin yard lamp mantel. It has a good flame coming out of the top of the mantel. When I turn it down enough to get rid of the flame, then the mantle is not very bright. I looked at the fuel tip hole, and it is very large compared to one for a propane lantern. I have tried both a two and a single mantle propane fuel tip, but those do not provide enough gas to get the mantle to glow.

So, I am wondering if anyone has been able to get one of these to run on propane. If you did, what fuel tip did you use? The manual says it will run on any piped gas. My guess is they are talking about Natural Gas. 

I am trying to get this going for the Bozeman Convention light up. 

Dan ICCC #900
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I had one that I ran on propane for awhile, does yours have a air sleeve at the bottom that you can control how much oxygen is going into the mix.  Mine did and I remember I had to turn it to a point that very little air was going in
G.B. Harp
You need to either add more air, or use a smaller orifice for propane vs. NG. Propane is not "piped gas".

But check to make sure all air passages are open fully, just in case.
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Thanks. Like G.B. said, it has a sleeve over the air holes so you can adjust the amount of air going into the burner tube. I just slid it out of the way so it was getting max air. This helped a lot, It still over burns a little, but I can get it adjusted enough to have just a little flame at the top of the mantle.

I knew it needed a smaller orifice for propane, just was wondering if anyone found a size that worked better.

Here it is lit.


And here is how I rigged it up.


Dan ICCC #900
ICCC Treasure
Dan, there where three versions of these outdoor lamps. Propane, natural gas, and electric. Sounds like you have the natural gas version.
Hey Dan, I have the electric version. Globe on mine is full frosted and intact, with Coleman logo. Lantern has an outlet on one side and a photocell on the other. Just recieved my pole for the backyard..campinut.. Click image for larger version - Name: 20190413-134943.jpg, Views: 49, Size: 71.41 KB
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