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Hi, first time here.  Great to be part of the community. 
I've had this model 335 for many years and have used it numerous times and want to continue using it. I took it apart for cleaning, but in reassembling it, I'm no longer sure whether the spring in the generator goes back with the bulge at the bottom, or at the top.

I've also read that the 335 can use unleaded gasoline. Prices for Coleman fuel are not cheap here in Germany. Is this true and recommendable?

Thanks for any help.

Welcome to the forum from SW Missouri.
The spring bulge in your generator will go above the "cardboard" or "asbestos" tube. Yes you can run pump gas, but it will clog your generator fairly quickly. 
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Welcome to the forum.

The bulge goes at the top.  The main purpose of the spring in the generator is to keep the pricker/cleaning rod centered so you don't damage the tip cleaning wire.  It can bend or break if it jams against the side of the generator tip instead of going through the orifice.

Coleman fuel isn't cheap anywhere, but is much less expensive in the US.  Yes, you can run gasoline, but it will foul the generator.  How quickly is dependent on the additives in the gasoline.  Although someone here may know a good substitute to use in Germany, I suggest heading over to ClassicPressureLamps.com or ClassicCampStoves.com as they are more focused on the European lanterns and stoves.

One of the first five threads here is on where to get fuel.  You may want to start here.


Flammable liquids, open flame, what could go wrong?

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If you're worried about generator life on regular gas you can install a 339 generator on the 335. It's fatter for more of it's length and will take a lot longer to come up.

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Welcome from Coastal North Carolina.

If you swap to a 339 generator and add a preheat cup you should be able to run on kerosene, if that's more available or cheaper. 
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Thanks for the good advice. I got the lamp going with unleaded gasoline. I have no problem with cleaning the unit when necessary. Will definitely look at the links with to the fuel.
Rupp77 wrote:
Thanks for the good advice. I got the lamp going with unleaded gasoline. I have no problem with cleaning the unit when necessary. Will definitely look at the links with to the fuel.

Do you all have gas with ethanol and gas with no ethanol over there? If so, I’d use the gas with no ethanol. 

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[Smilie6] from Pennsylvania, USA! Nice to have you here.  We have another German collector who is very helpful, our friend Erwin:
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Hi Steve,

Thanks for the info. Erwin lives about 500 km to the northwest from me here near Nueremburg. I enjoyed looking at his website. 

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