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Says for lanterns only. Unfortunately Cant find much on my recent CL pickup. Can I run it in a standard lantern and stove or dual fuel appliances? Click image for larger version - Name: 20190712_075245-1209x1612-906x1208-362x483.jpg, Views: 87, Size: 60.55 KB
Pat Swanson
Cool idea.  Would that tend to gum up a lantern?
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I believe it is labeled for lanterns only because it contains citronella. That is a bug repellant additive that is typically used in tiki torches and the like. I wouldn’t advise using it in anything you would cook over or be in a confined space with.

Otherwise, it should burn fine.

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I like the smell of citronella and find that a lot of bugs do also.  I could be wrong, but wouldn't expect it to be very effective.   If you run it in a stove, you run the risk of getting that smell/taste in your food.   Some folks like flavored coffee.  You could experiment there if you want to use it in a stove.  🙂


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Curious if anyone has ever tried adding it to regular coleman fuel. 
I would not use it as that is a collectible can.   You don't see it often.

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says for Gasoline or unleaded lanterns which is confusing me. Nothing about naphtha or white gas as ingredients. I think a duel fuel lantern would be ideal but would be hesitant to use in my 1950's 200A lantern.
Pat Swanson
It is Naphtha with a bit of citronella. Made in the 70's. Haven't seen any since. 
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Chucker wrote:
It is Naphtha with a bit of citronella. Made in the 70's. Haven't seen any since. 

Not made in the70’s! That is a late 80’s and later lantern on the can. 
I found a case of the quarts a few years ago. The date on the case is 03/02/94.  
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I would expect that the citronella is actually burned/destroyed in the combustion process and would not be present in the final  exhaust gases. I would also expect the hot exhaust gases to rise and most likely dissipate high up somewhere. I would think it is mostly a marketing thing. 
In my experience, citronella attracts insects and repels people.
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I have found that a citronella candle in the shop works surprising well at keeping the rapid swarms of mosquitoes away.
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