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From an old post:

Coleman Logo Information

before 1913- Hydro Carbon Light Co
1913~1925-The Coleman Lamp Company
1925~1928-The Coleman Lamp & Stove Co
1928~1945-The Coleman Lamp and Stove Company
1945~Today-The Coleman Company Inc


Globe information

1932-1933: Sandblast etched large sunshine logo over “Coleman”.
1934-1945: Large green straight line “Coleman”
1946-1959: Small green sunshine over “Coleman”
1960-1980: Curved Pyrex over red Coleman logo
1980-    : White logo with country of manufacture

This info added from Darren's web site.  Someone saved it, then Moses shared in a post, so I thought I'd add it here. (Warren)

info someone saved from Darren's web site I think, good to save somewhere. I have it in a Word document. 

1932-1933: Sandblast etched sunshine logo over "Coleman".

1933-1946: Large green straight line "Coleman". Upper and lower case lettering.
1946-1947: Large green straight line "Coleman". All capitol letters.
1947-1959: Small green sunshine over "Coleman".
1959-1961: Curved Pyrex over red "Coleman" logo. Has the ® but no lantern image.
1961-1980: Curved Pyrex over red "Coleman" logo. Has ® and the lantern image.
1980-1981: Straight Pyrex over red "Coleman" logo.
1981-1997: Red "Coleman" logo, no Pyrex. The printed bar globes and the #2 and #4 globes in this time frame had white logos.
1997-2013: White logo with country of manufacture.


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