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A fellow member of the ICCC has done some research and has allowed me to share that information with the members of the Forum. The research material was from Coleman catalogs showing cans of Coleman fuel. Here is the information and I want to thank Ron Becker for sharing it with us.

If anyone has a collection of Coleman fuel cans, we could add pictures to the related years in the descriptions from Ron's research.

Here is the information:

US Coleman Fuel Cans

1954, 1955 - ? - Flames on can with Stove and Lantern. - 1 gal. or 1 quart

1959 - 1962 - Only 1 flame on can with Stove and Lantern. - 1 gal. or 1 quart

1963 – only -  Only 1 flame on can with Stove and Lantern, Especially Blended. - 1 gal. or 1 quart

1964 - 1965 - No Flames on can, just Stove and Lantern - 1 gal. or 1 quart

1966 - 1967 - Stove, Lantern, and Catalytic Heater. No size amount on can. - 1 gal. or 1 quart

1968 - 1973 - Stove, Lantern, and Catalytic Heater. Has size amount on can. - 1 gal. or 1 quart

1974 - 1975 - Stove, Lantern, and Catalytic Heater. Has size amount on can and white plastic cap. - 1 gal. or 1 quart

1976 - only - Stove, Lantern, and Catalytic Heater. Has size amount on can and white plastic cap. - 1 gal.

1977 - 1978 - Stove, Lantern, and Catalytic Heater. Size amount on can. Has red plastic cap. Says on can Fuel for                    Gasoline Camping Appliances. - 1 gal. only

1979 - 1983 - Stove, Lantern, and Catalytic Heater. Size amount on can. Has white plastic cap. Says on can Fuel for                    Gasoline Camping Appliances. - 1 gal. only

This information will be moved to the Tech Assist Archive in a few days.

9/4 Edit!  1963 added


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Are you interested in the Canadian versions?
I picked one up the other day with "easy lite" on it and a maple leaf
Coleman Canada on it somewhere I believe.
Maybe 70's or 80's?
Stevie G.
Wish I knew the dates.







Stevie G.





P1010648.JPG P1010649.JPG 

Stevie G.
This should help to illustrate Ron's findings. This post was modified much later than the others on this topic, so it may make earlier posts below seem redundant or not make complete sense:

Fuel cans 1956-7 sm.jpg   
1956 - 1957? (Ads and catalog)
This style first appears in 1956 magazine ads and runs until at least 1957. I have no data whatsoever for 1958, so I can’t verify when this one ends and the next one begins. There is also one with the dual cap/pour spout somewhere in this date range (below - photo by KellyBlues.

Kellyblues old can b sm.jpg 

Fuel cans 1959-62 sm.jpg 
[above] 1959? - 1962 (Catalogs and ads)
As far as I can tell, this style first appears in 1959 Outing catalog. It may have come out a year earlier, but I have no proof. It was used until at least 1962 (Coleman Outing Catalog).

Fuel cans 1963 r sm.jpg 
[above and below - front and back] 1963
I have no record (catalogs or ads) of this style at all, it seems to me to be a “transition” between the last and the next, so I’m declaring it to be a 1963 only version. The other side of the can is similar to the one above, but not identical. If only I could find a 1963 catalog...
Fuel cans 1963 f sm.jpg 

Fuel cans 1964-68 sm.jpg 
[above] 1964-66 (reference: Coleman catalogs)
There may be minor variations in text arrangement on some of these and the next versions.

1 qt fuel can sm.jpg 
[above] 1967-68 (reference: Coleman catalogs)
The heater seems to have been added in 1967, at least according to the catalog. There may be minor variations in text arrangement on some of these. (I don’t have a 1 gallon example of this one yet, but you can see one in OldSoul's post #13 below.)

Fuel cans 1969-73 sm.jpg 
[above] 1969-73 (reference: Coleman catalogs)
The fixed price no longer showed in the catalog in 1969. There may be minor variations in text arrangement on some of these and the next version. (The one on the left is the one Warren referenced as NOS in the post below this - it's still full!)

Fuel can 1974 sm.png 
[above] In 1974-76, the cap has a white plastic safety wrap, but otherwise seems the same. (Catalog photo)

Fuel can 1978.png 
[above] 1978- (reference: Coleman catalogs)
The cap is a twist and pop type. Note new heater style and silver warning background. (No 1977 catalog available)

Fuel can 1980.png 
[above] 1979 - 82 (reference: Coleman catalogs - catalog photo)
The cap is again the white plastic safety type. Note white warning background. (There are no fuel cans in the 1983 catalog, and I only have one catalog beyond 1983 available)

Fuel can 1986-90.jpg 
[above] Unknown date - I suspect it could be just after the one above it, but have no catalogs to compare to. It does have what is probably a 220K, which ended in 1983. The cap is a red plastic safety type.

Fuel can 1986-90a.jpg 
[above] Mid 1980’s - 1990’s
I have seen this style can in a 1986 Coleman camping video and in the 1990 Coleman catalog. I don’t know anything more.

Here's a newer one, there is a code on the bottom, when compared to the code on new cans makes me think 1992:
Fuel can citronella a sm.jpg

Fuel can 1990's.jpg 
1990’s - 2000’s?
The can above is English-only and so is probably older than the one below with multiple languages.
Fuel can 2000's.jpg 

I don’t know the dates on these at all. Maybe some of you have some idea of when they came out?
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It would be great to have a picture reference for all of these.

Add to this the Citronella added fuel cans.   I think Greg got mine.  Maybe he can post a picture. (quart size)

Also I have a made in England can.   Greg I think it is in the box of stuff you have if you can find it.  I don't think I sold it. (quart size, but probably metric)

It shouldn't be too hard to get all this lined out.   Let's save the off brand cans for another post.

John if I had a way to get it to you, I have an NOS red fuel can like that.  Still have the metal plug under the cap sealing the spout.  (I have 2, unless I gave one to Greg or Steve.)  

The modern (2000yr+) cans have changed over time also.

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Warren, I would like to get one of those! [I guess I do have a 1qt example of that version, but a 1gal would be nice.]

I have a few more. There were a number of variations of the red cans, including the type of catalytic heater shown and those with the white price label being filled in or left blank. Kellyblues has a version of the 1qt can on the bottom left with the same price but a different layout, similar to the one at the bottom right. There are lots of variations of the bottom lines too. Click image for larger version - Name: Fuel_can_collection_a_sm.jpg, Views: 4584, Size: 134.83 KB Click image for larger version - Name: Fuel_can_collection_sm.jpg, Views: 4551, Size: 135.01 KB
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NICE INFO!  I have several different cans. All part of the story.
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Murff, thank you for starting this thread.I agree Warren, a picture of each can would be great. I have a different Canadian 1, I think, but will have to check and post a picture


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This is just another way you guys are influencing me..  I'm primarily a user of Coleman GPAs, not a collector.  Over the last year there have been some fuel can pictures.  I thought that was dumb..  Now, I must admit, I've found a place to put some of the oldies I just happened to have around.  Nothing impressive. I'll show you when I can. My better camera  has died and my phone camera needs better light than I have at this time of day.

I can't believe I'm gazing at other men's cans...
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I support putting these in a chronological post for easy reference.

So what's the story with these? (images swiped from the 'net). I assume they are all European. (my that clear plastic bottle looks flimsy...) Click image for larger version - Name: Coleman_Fuel_1_.jpg, Views: 4482, Size: 52.35 KB Click image for larger version - Name: Coleman_Fuel_2_.jpg, Views: 4457, Size: 75.96 KB
Click image for larger version - Name: Coleman_Fuel_3_.jpg, Views: 4421, Size: 53.59 KB Click image for larger version - Name: Coleman_Fuel_4_.jpg, Views: 4423, Size: 112.00 KB
Here's my best two. The qt. was found inside a really nice three leg slot 413E. The gallon all by itself at a garage sale where the owner informed me, "oh, I sold the lanterns last weekend". ;-(
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I need s canadian fuel cannto display with my 321s
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"oh, I sold the lanterns last weekend". ;-(

I can't count now how many times I heard that one and found the empty can !
Stevie G.
Here is the Citronella quart sized

This member has passed on: 1959 ~~ 2017



If you think you can or if you think you cannot, you are correct
Apparently the same style can that Steve posted, but this one contains 10% more fuel.
And its still full to boot !     : ) 
They must of been having a promotion or sales must have been really slow at the time to go to all the trouble of making bigger cans to hold 10% more fuel!

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here is another Can can, shape is way different than the 1 st 1 I posted


Mitakiuye Oyasin " All My Relations"
Here is an oldie I picked up this summer! [smile] Click image for larger version - Name: The_Coleman_Canada_Gas_Can.jpg, Views: 4197, Size: 168.50 KB
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I almost didn't post mine after I saw Oldsoul's $1.59 can, but a quick look shows they're quite different. So here's my $1.59 gallon o' CF:


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Holy crapola.... thanks for all the info on cans!  Tim
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