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Hello again,

In addition to the paint fading wax question, I am also looking for the 2 large trays that might have come with the large 1979 Coleman cooler and what I might expect the prices to be.
There is a green cooler and 2 trays listed on a local online forum. They are asking $75.00 for the cooler and 2 trays. Is this a good price? 


Thank you all so much,

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Not sure if this is what your looking for?


I have paid more for the larger blue cooler with trays. The green ones appear to be everywhere.

Thank you!

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Thank you Kevin, but I I’d not the right one for the larger model. 
Probably very few of those left; even back in the day those were very fragile, and broke easily.   Those are even easier to break than the inside liners.
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