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I’m still pretty new to this. I was curious to see if Coleman ever releases any modern day collectible lanterns? IE anniversary or collector Series?
David J Rynne jr.
Bumpkin 95
Yes they do the seasons lanterns. But usually not available in the United States. They released it one year here and they sold like hot cakes. But Coleman is apparently deaf to our calls for more 
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And the price is in the hundreds of dollars which - if you don't mind, you would get a 'special' new lantern.
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Some other odd ball things like the REI LED lantern.  
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Got it. I appreciate the feedback. That’s what I was seeing on there website. But I was not sure if they had something going for collectors above and beyond that.

Have a good day.
David J Rynne jr.
outlawmws wrote:
It's all about Japan...

Not looking for anything. I have too much already, my wife says. 
Bumpkin 95 wrote:
Yes they do the seasons lanterns. But usually not available in the United States. They released it one year here and they sold like hot cakes. But Coleman is apparently deaf to our calls for more 

Not sure that I would say they sold like hot cakes. If I’m not mistaken they ended up slashing the price in half. At that point they sold pretty fast. Did I remember that right?

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Yes you are correct.
I’ve heard from several sources the Seasons Lanterns are paid for by a collector(s) in Japan. Furnished less globe and/or vent.
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That's my understanding also, that the Season's lanterns are purchased by an individual/separate entity.   There just aren't that many collectors in the US that would pay the going price for a special edition lantern.   It certainly costs more to make them than the $5 to $20 most members are willing to pay because of finding lanterns in the wild. 

I think that REI LED lantern would have been more desirable and popular had they stuck with the beige fount color as originally planned.  The silver they ended up with was not attractive to me, nor the $150 price tag for an LED lantern.  Even on clearance at $75, I had no interest.


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