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hi all. I was wondering if anyone knows how to change the 9903 series bbq from a regular 1lb tank to a quick connect so it can be connected to my travel trailer propane supply.....or can it even be done? I searched all over but cannot seem to find a way with the series of bbq that I have. Thanks in advance for any advice 
You would need to run a separate line from your propane tank on your camper to a hookup for the grill. The problem is that the grill has a built in regulator. That is what the 1 lb. tank screws into. Your camper also has a regulator so it feeds low pressure gas to the camper appliance. With two regulators, there is not the pressure needed to run your grill.

You are just better off getting a separate bulk tank just for the grill. Go to a good hardware store or a propane dealer. You can get a 5 or 10lb tank so you do not have to carry a 20lb. tank around with you just for the grill. 

Another option is to refill the 1lb. tanks off the 20lb. tank. I do this all the time for my grill. I have not bought a 1 lb. tank in years. I just replace them from time to time with new ones that people throw out. There are all kinds of videos on line for doing this. 

Here is the hose that goes from the 5-20lb. tank to your grill.


Here is the fill adapter for filling the 1lb. tanks off a 20lb tank.


You can find these items at a good hardware, camper, Lowes, and Home Depot stores. 
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You could get the hose Dan mentioned above and use this splitter if your camper uses regular propane tanks mounted on the tongue of the trailer.
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