200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.
Wow, that was a mouth full. I picked this little butane jewel up 5 years ago at a local flea market...


Worth the investment even if I could not find a butane cartridge for it...


Fast forward 5 years..I finally did some research and found out the company, Weller still makes these 2.1 oz slim butane cans...


By unscrewing the base, you can then slide a butane can inside..


As you can see, this patio lantern was NOS as it still had the cardboard globe protector still inside...


These lanterns use the peanut size #9970 push-on mantles that our host had readily...



With a little finesse, you can turn it from dim to bright. Not bad for a total $15 dollar investment. I was shocked this one was in such great shape after surviving the sellers large stack of totes...Lol...Thanks for l@@king...campinut...
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Those are nice little lamps. I have one also. I have used it in the evening when you are just sitting outside and need a just little light. 
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Sweet!  That's been on my list to find since my recent Luminos acquisition.  I already had an Xcursion.


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That is very cool! Something to add to my want list to add to my Xcursion/Luminos collection. :)

Thank you for sharing.
wow, great looking machine. As a firm believer in the lighthouse lanterns from the early 2000s these look great. If I owned one I'd stock up on globes, mantles and fuel now lol.
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Thanks, I have been scooping up these butane lanterns for years now. Got a Coleman Seranade and the Lighthouse NIB/NOS in my collection. Still need a few more to complete the set..lol..campinut..
Like a moth at night, I am attracted to the light!..7/7/1964...Russ, from Missouri..
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